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Both iOS and Android are very dynamic platforms. Thousands of apps and games are released every day. So, finding the one that perfectly meets your needs is quite a tedious task. Sometimes, you may miss some apps that are really amazing and well suited for you. Here in this post, we’ve come up with the list of such best iOS and Android apps you might’ve missed. Let’s have a look:

Best iOS and Android apps you might have missed



Available For: iOS and Android

Alto is the newest entry to the email apps. Created by AOL, the email client lets you use Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo, iCloud, or even the AOL email. The new mailing app boasts a plethora of interesting features. You can do a plenty of tasks like viewing important information from your emails, organizing your emails for stacks, attaching documents with your mail and much more.

Honestly speaking, Alto is one of the best iOS and Android apps and a perfect replacement to the stock app!


Price: Free (requires subscription for some lessons)

Available for: iOS only

Did you always want to learn to code, but found it impossible to even get started? Well if you did, it’s time to enjoy. This wonderful app called Mimo is there to help you learn to code and that too on your iPhone.

Mimo is created by Johannes Berger, the man behind the notable Swiftly app. The application will teach you Apple’s Swift programming language. It is full of interactive tutorials, quizzes, and micro lessons. You can also find tutorials for other languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Java, ruby, Python, C#, and C++.


Price: Free

Available for: iOS only

First day at the gym is a strange experience to every novice gym goer. Just standing there staring at the weight training equipment (we all have that fascination towards equipments and weights in the gym), waiting for your trainer to come and train you. Seriously! You feel like an outcast.

But this is not so, after the arrival of this app by the name MoveRite. The application acts as your patient personal trainer that will swiftly guide you through most important weight training exercises.

So, now you longer need to wait for your trainer to train you. The app will help you to learn slowly, till your trainer comes and starts training you.


Price: Free

Available for: iOS and Android

Have you ever wondered about how to create new habits or how to track new habits? Well, this game by the name Habitica takes these small things to a whole newer lever. It treats your real life as a game.

Here in the game, you create a fictional character and a corresponding avatar! Whenever you complete a daily habit or checks of an item, your character gets leveled up (just like role playing games). You can unlock armors, skills, quests, skills and new pets in the game.

Well, if you’re looking forward to develop a new habit or want to work towards a goal, this app will swiftly guide you through the process.

Mood Notes

Price: $3.75

Available for: iOS only

Journalising is an essential habit for anyone looking for self-improvement. It can help you in lots of ways. You’ll no longer feel stressed and have clear focus on your life. So, you must do it regularly.

Mood Notes is one such app that lets you track your mood and increase self awareness. It also recognizes your thinking traps and provides you with better personal insights. This way you can analyze your behavior and improve it for better.

What sets Mood Notes apart from other journaling app is that it approaches journaling in an emotional context.

Weather Whiskers

Price: Free

Available for: iOS and Android

Just imagine a scenario! You wake up early in the morning and cute kittens are telling you about the weather. Seems like a joke, but it’s not. Yes! It is possible with the help of this amazing app by the name Weather Whiskers.

The application will tell you about the weather, but in a different way. Despite the bad weather forecast, you’ll end up smiling (how can one control his laughter when kittens tell you the weather?).

Seriously! Who will not want to start his day like this? It’s one of the best iOS and Android apps of this month.

Our list of the best iOS and Android apps of the week ends here. We’ll come back with more such lists in our next post. Till then, stay tuned with us!

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Best iOS and Android apps you might have missed
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Best iOS and Android apps you might have missed
Here in this post we'll discuss the list of best iOS and Android app you might have missed. The listed includes some really effective iOS and Android apps.
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