How to organize your iOS photos using tags
How to organize your iOS photos using tags

One of the most niggling problems we usually face with smartphones is to find a particular photo out of thousands. The best way to get rid of such trouble is using tags. With a few well-thought tags, you can categorize and label your images at the drop of a hat and then find them with ease no matter where you save them. In this tutorial, we’ll guide you how to instantly organize your iOS photos using tags.

Before knowing the process, let’s explore how smart is iOS 10 with your photos. The latest upgrade to iOS 10 comes with an array of enhancements to organize your photos. The tile view in iOS 10 comes with two new albums dubbed People and Places. Apart from that, the latest iOS upgrade allows you to search for particular items in an image.

For instance: Type flowers in the search box and the search results reveal all the images captured near flowers. In iOS 10, there is also an addition of a new tab named Memories that is basically an image curator about dates and location.

What’s more? Siri is also there to help you out. You can use your voice to explore for images by specific time, date or location. Besides all these features, tags are still one of the most convenient options to organize your iOS photos. Let’s explore why tagging is so important.

Tags are just simpler: Organize your iOS photos using tags

Tags are generally keywords you allocate to your files. It makes organizing and finding your photos far speedier. Below is the list of some of the best photo organization apps for iOS, offering an array of great features.

Best photo organizing apps for iOS



Pictag is just the best option to organize your iOS photos using tags. This simple app allows you to tag friends and family, outfits, activities, and much more. The app works really well in terms of tagging your images without any hitch.



If you often sharing or downloading images to or from social networks then PhotoTime is your best bet. The app not only helps you organize your iOS photos using tags but also assists you to organize your photos from social networks. PhotoTime automatically organizes and tags your photos, offering you to spend less time looking for a particular photo and more time showing of the one.


taggleWith Taggle, you can quickly assign a personal tag to any image with one touch.  To get started, just sign-in with an account and allow the app to access your photos. You can use Toggle to tag, delete, share, and even lock your photos. The iOS app is really easy to use ad makes your photo organizing task pretty simple.

Photo Shack 2


Photo Shack 2 is simply genius! While the app is bit pricey, but effectively does what it needs to. You can use the app in many different ways to find your iOS photos. It allows you to search by tags, date, comment, filename and more. Also, the app can create albums for you based on your search results.

That’s it! So, organize your iOS photos using tags with the help of apps mentioned above. In your arsenal, if you have any other app that can organize your iOS photos using tags then don’t forget to share it in the comments section below.

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How to instantly organize your iOS photos using tags
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How to instantly organize your iOS photos using tags
Using tags are just simple and best way to organize photos. In this tutorial, we’ll guide you how to instantly organize your iOS photos using tags.
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