How to quickly search Safari tabs in iOS 10
How to quickly search Safari tabs in iOS 10

Now you no more need to keep on swiping across your smartphone’s screen to search as with the enhancements in the latest operating system, you can now easily search Safari tabs in iOS 10. Apple has expanded the limit of the number of tabs you can have opened in Safari browser on iOS 10.

According to the company, theoretically you can open unlimited number of tabs in Safari for your own browsing pleasure. But in practice, you will find the limit somewhat less than infinite. Your device’s processor and memory ultimately gives up when you open too many of tabs. Yet you can still open more than 36 tabs at a time in Safari in iOS 10.

When you open multiple tabs, keeping a track of those dozen ones even on a desktop is messy. So, when you are talking about opening multiple tabs on iPhones or iPads, the devices with smaller screen and no physical keyboards, the scene becomes lot more chore.


Fortunately, you get a simple and quick way to not only open but also search Safari tabs in iOS 10. This way, you can search for a specific tab among the multiple ones so that you reach the particular one you are looking for.

Though the feature is sure handy, it somewhat hidden in the operating system’s settings. To search Safari tabs in iOS 10, you will need to perform a keyword search of your Safari tabs.

To search Safari tabs in iOS 10, you just need to

  • Tap the button in the lower-right edge of the screen to view all of the open tabs.
  • Rotate your iPhone or iPad into landscape mode.
  • Thumbnails of your open tabs and a search box will appear in the upper-left corner.

(Note that in some cases, the search box doesn’t appear if your iOS 10 device is in portrait mode)

When you search Safari tabs in iOS 10 this way, Safari searches only the text in the title of each tab. The body of the Web pages is not searched in this case. The only thing that may bother you is that you need to remember the titles of each tab you want to access or at least a few words from the title. In any manner, you are still able to search Safari tabs in iOS 10 with instant search results.

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How to quickly search Safari tabs in iOS 10
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How to quickly search Safari tabs in iOS 10
Here in this post, we will guide you on how to search Safari tabs in iOS 10. Check out the post to manage and search specific tabs in Safari on iOS 10.
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