hidden android accessibility settings
5 hidden android accessibility settings you should be using

There are a lot of hidden Android accessibility settings built for people with vision impairment or any other disability that might make using the normal functions of your Android device difficult. You’d be thinking that these features are designed solely for people with disabilities, but in fact anyone can take advantage of them.

Accessibility options come under different names depending upon the Android device or Android version that you use. You can browse to Settings > System > Accessibility on your Android phone and try out these 5 hidden Android accessibility settings now.

Hidden Android accessibility settings: Getting started

Magnification gestures

accessibility magnification gestures

You must be aware of the Magnifier option on your Windows PC for zooming in and out. Well, you can use the same function on your Android by enabling the Magnification Gestures accessibility option.

Once enabled, you can triple tap anywhere on the screen to start zooming in and out. Simply triple tap and hold, to magnify your screen and navigate around. Afterwards, simply release to return to the normal view. It’s a really useful feature once you start using it.


accessibility text to speech

This is one of the most useful hidden Android accessibility settings and you might have used it earlier. You just need to enable the Google-Text-to-Speech engine and then download the language pack of your choice.

This built-in option can easily turn your eBook into an audiobook. So you can simply go to Google Play Books, open your eBook and let Google read the book for you while you prepare dinner. That will surely help you work efficiently when you have to do multiple tasks.

Larger Text system-wide

accessibility largertext

If the font size of your Android device is not large enough to read clearly, especially if you don’t have perfect eyesight – then this next in our category of hidden Android accessibility settings can prove useful.

All you have to do is enable Large Text option and it starts working across the device. As a result, your font is larger than before, thus, making it legible for you.

TalkBack/ Explore by Touch

accessibility talkback

Talkback is a great feature that you can use if your Android screen has issues, but touchscreen is still responsive. When talkback is enabled, your device speaks out loud whatever you touch, select or activate. Some Android phones may have the same thing under a different name – Explore by Touch.

This is definitely among the most helpful hidden Android accessibility settings as it provides voice feedback to low-vision users out there.

End calls with Power Button

accessibility hang up calls with power button

Imagine you’re in a meeting when your phone rings and you need to cut the call instantly. Just press the Power button to end the call, without any need to take your phone out of the pocket. For this you can enable the Power button ends call option in your accessibility settings.

It is also useful if your device’s touch takes a longer time to register the tap to cancel call after talking.

There are a lot more accessibility options to check out, but we’ve picked these 5 hidden Android accessibility settings that will help you get more out of your Android without downloading a third-party app.

If you use any other accessibility options, feel free to tell us in the comments below.

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5 hidden android accessibility settings you should be using
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5 hidden android accessibility settings you should be using
In this guide, we have rounded up 5 hidden android accessibility settings that you should try right now. Check out the post to know more.
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