Create a hidden folder on your Android phone

There have been many times your phone isn’t your own. There may be times you hand it over to your kid to play with it or to your friends so that they can make a call in emergency or whatever else. Now imagine they accidentally open some folder containing your private files that were intended only for you. This one single moment may put you in the most embarrassing situations. That’s why we always recommend you to create a hidden folder on your Android phone. Here in this post, we’ll learn how to do so. Let’s get started:

How to create a hidden folder on your Android phone

By default, there is no method you can create a hidden folder on your Android phone. However, there are plenty of third-party apps that offer this functionality. We’ll discuss them one by one. Let’s get started:


Among plenty of file editing apps out there, Keepsafe is the one that manages to impress you immediately.

There are plenty of reasons to love the app. The utility is simple, easy to setup and is packed with plenty of customization options that lets you tweak it just the way you want to. Also, the interface is pretty much impressive.

Just like other conventional apps of its genre, Keepsafe lets you use a PIN to gain access and enter an email address as a backup in case you are forget the PIN.

The file security application lets you add content into different categories. You can upload different files in different categories, edit these categories or delete them when needed.

Apart from all this, the program also provides break in alerts by logging the time and snapping a photo of a suspicious attempt.

Keepsafe starts with a 30-day trial of premium service ($5), which includes a space saving feature that backs-up your data to a cloud, offers data recovery and eliminates advertisements.

Gallery Vault

Well, if you’re not satisfied with the Keepsafe, you can go for Gallery Vault, yet another ultimate file security tool for Android. The utility offers you the same set of key features. However, there are also several hidden tasks you can perform using it. For example, you can hide the icon and launch the app by typing-in a pin into your dialer, a URL in the browser, or use any other method to gain access.

The application is free, but supports ads. For advanced features, you’ll require a subscription.

Folder lock

Yet another app you can choose to create a hidden folder on your Android phone is Folder Lock. It offers you a variety of features and customization options and offers the same set of features, the other apps in the list does and the best part is that you don’t even need a subscription.

Still, if you want to unlock most of the advanced functions, we recommend you to choose Premium pack that includes a rather clever panic mode that lets you quickly switch between apps in case someone is sneaking through your phone, a private cloud, and the ability to hide the icon.

A secure Galaxy Note 7

In case you own a Galaxy Note 7, there’s good news for you. You’ll find the option in your phone by default. To unlock the feature, you’ll first need to sign in with a Samsung account. Now, you can swiftly lock the folder and hide it from appearing on your home screen.

Apart from this, Samsung also offers a secure folder to protect private apps.

That’s it! Our guide on how to create a hidden folder on your Android phone ends here. So, if you’re looking for simple yet efficient folder security programs, you can go for any of the above options. They are efficient and will definitely come handy.

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How to create a hidden folder on your Android phone
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How to create a hidden folder on your Android phone
Here in this post, we'll guide you on how to create a hidden folder on your Android phone, so that you private data always remain safe and secure.
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