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Do you remember Prisma…the popular photo-editing app for iOS and Android that has been ruling the mobile world with storm since its launch. The app is famous for letting you transform any simple image to an artwork. Perhaps! It’s due to a wide range of filters and clever deep learning processing that the app has gathered a lot of users in a short span of time.

Well, there is great news for users who are using Prisma for iOS. The iOS version of the app now comes with art filtered video support that lets you edit video clips as well. You can convert a 15-second long video clip into a playable animation using 9 different filter styles. You can either shoot the videos via the app’s built-in camera, or import them from the Gallery.

Prisma for iOS app requires an upgrade to iOS 10. So, if you are still using iOS 9, you’ll need to update your phone to the latest iOS version before you can start using it. And one more thing, the video transformation may take longer time than photo editing as the application requires processing several hundred frames, at a time. So, keep patience!

Well, the best past is that video transformation is done offline, which means slow internet connection is not really a big issue. Also, it will not cost heavily on your mobile data, which is certainly big relief if you rely heavily on mobile data.

Apart from this, the developers of the app are also working on adding a GIF creater. The feature may land very soon (perhaps this month).

Talking about the Android version, Prisma team wants to implement offline-photo processing first, which is expected to arrive in upcoming weeks. After this, it will start working on art filtered video support.

Here, are a few videos edited using Prisma’s video processing technology. You can have a look:

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Prisma for iOS adds art filtered video with GIFs coming next
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Prisma for iOS adds art filtered video with GIFs coming next
Prisma for iOS has just adding art filtered video support. From now on, you can also edit video clips as well. GIF creater will be added very soon.
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