Best tvOS 10 tips and tricks you should know
Best tvOS 10 tips and tricks you should know

Apple has officially launched tvOS 10 for its fourth-generation Apple TV. The company brings plethora of new and advanced features for the set-top box owners, including dark mode option, Siri tricks, better HomeKit accessories, etc. To make the most out of the update, you will definitely need some of the best tvOS 10 tips and tricks. Read on to know more.

Older generation models of Apple TV will not receive the tvOS 10 update, as the update is limited to Siri and third-party apps only. Given the update, now the fourth-generation Apple TV models can be updated to tvOS 10 which manages all the apps you install on devices and offers many exciting features of its own. But the entire treat is nothing achievable unless you have knowledge of some of the best tvOS 10 tips and tricks.

Here, we’ve come up with the list of the best tvOS 10 tips and tricks that will help you work easier and faster

  • Latest update

In case your fourth-generation Apple TV has not been updated to tvOS 10 yet, don’t panic. Head to Settings< System< Software Updates< Update Software.

Once the installation file has been downloaded, you’ll find an update prompt. Select “Download and Install” option and your Apple TV will restart after finishing the update.

  • Enabling dark mode

Dark mode is basically a feature that turns lights down a little so that visual elements are easy to see during night time. You can enable it to turn your screen’s background into black, instead of bright white that you’re used to.

To toggle between the dark and light modes, head to Settings< General< Appearance< Dark/Light.

It’s a great enhancement, especially for the people who like a darker background to fit a home-theatre status or darker room over bright Apple TV interface.

  • Asking Siri to enable Dark mode

In case you wish to switch between Light and Dark mode through Siri, simply ask Siri to switch the mode for you. All you need to do is just click on the Siri icon by saying, “Light mode” or “Dark mode” and the UI will switch accordingly.

It is a much faster way than heading to Settings and making the change manually.

  • Smarter Siri search

Siri has shown some big improvements in the new update. Whether you use the Siri Remote or Siri on Apple TV Remote app for iOS device, the voice assistant is the smartest way to do anything on the all-new Apple TV.

You can now easily search movies by topics in tvOS 10. For example, you can ask Siri to “Show me documentaries of freedom fighters”, or “High-school classes from the late 90s”.

  • Welcome Home Siri

tvOS 10 is based on iOS devices that support HomeKit, Apple’s home-automation framework. Now, you can control HomeKit accessories with Siri Remote on Apple TV. All you need to do is just hold the Siri icon on the Apple TV remote and say, “Turn on the lights”, “Lock the room”, or anything you’d like to say.

Moreover, you can use the Apple TV to automate your smart home devices like switching on the lights or unlocking the room as you enter your home.

There is no need for special setup for Home working with the Apple TV. Setup your HomeKit-enabled devices using the Home app on iOS and the similar commands that works from your phone will also work with the Siri Remote on Apple TV.

  • Search YouTube

Search YouTube using Siri from anywhere!

You can now search YouTube with Siri in tvOS 10. Just hold the Siri icon and say anything like “Find Rocket League on YouTube”; Siri immediately takes you to the search page with results for what you requested instead of showing possible videos in a UI.

There are many tips and tricks in Siri that you can use to enhance your tvOS 10 experience, yet it’s not possible to sum them up in one post.

Our list of 6 best tvOS 10 tips and tricks ends here. We hope you find these handy enough. got more best tvOS 10 tips and tricks? Share with us in comments below.

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Best tvOS 10 tips and tricks you should know
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Best tvOS 10 tips and tricks you should know
This article is meant to highlights the best tvOS 10 tips and tricks that you should be using right now. Read on to know more.
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