Sell products on Facebook Marketplace
Sell products on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has just launched a revolutionary feature that will make locally buying and selling items very easy. Dubbed as Facebook Marketplace, the new platform lets you post ads to sell items. Once a potential buyer sees your ad and is interested in buying your items, he can contact you via Messenger and you two can make the deal. Everything happens so easily. Here in this post we’ll discuss a list of tips that’ll come handy if you want to sell products on Facebook Marketplace. Let’s get started:

Tips to sell products on Facebook Marketplace

Take awesome photos

There is a famous saying: First impression is the last impression. The meaning is pretty simple: if your item doesn’t look good, no one will buy it and if it does, everyone will. So, make sure that you’re taking the best photos of the item you want to sell.

Following tips may come handy:

  • Keep background clutter to minimum
  • Clean up your item before taking the snap
  • If there’s not good lighting in your house, go outside and use natural lighting.
  • Make sure to get the entire item in the frame for first snap (additional shots can be detailed)
  • Take at least three photos from different angles (You can add up to 10 screenshots per listing)
  • Instead of using the snaps from web, use your photos

Set the price high and be ready for negotiation

Pricing your item is the most crucial part of your deal. You have to keep many things in mind. While you want to get the best price for your items, you’ll never want to alienate people with high prices. So you’ve to take a lot of care while setting up your price.

You can compare prices on other websites and can come up with a reasonable price. Always price your items at higher end, but be prepared for negotiation as many people will try to negotiate via private messages or Facebook Marketplace’s Make offer button.

List each item separately

Sometimes you have multiple items to sell but you may be in hurry. At that time you’ll find it more tempting to combine all the items in one mega-moving sale listing. But don’t do so. No-one is going to swipe through all the photos to see if you have items they want to buy. So, spare a few minutes to organize them in separate lists so that they can easily look for each item you want to sell, more precisely.

Prepare your profile

One main thing which separates Facebook Marketplace from its counterparts is that it is linked to your Facebook account. The buyer can see your profile and other information, instead of making a completely blind purchase.

So make sure that your profile looks genuine and trustworthy. It shouldn’t look like something belonging to a scammer. You should have your own photo in your profile. Also, cover photo and other details shouldn’t be offensive. One more thing, take care that you’re not sharing information which you don’t want to show to random strangers.

Make the sale

Now if you have found a potential buyer for your items, it’s time to make a sale. Facebook lets you connect with the buyer via Facebook Messenger. While communicating with the buyer, explain all the details (cond302ition of the product, price information, medium of transport).

Once you both agree on the purchase. You can meet face-to-face and complete the purchase.


Even if you can see buyer profile and other information in Facebook Marketplace, we recommend you to meet your buyer in a safe public place. This will help you to prevent yourself from falling in dangerous situations.

Our list of best tips to sell products on Facebook Marketplace ends here. We hope that the above mentioned tips will definitely prove helpful to you.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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5 tips to sell products on Facebook Marketplace
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5 tips to sell products on Facebook Marketplace
Here in this post, we'll discuss a list of tips to sell products on Facebook Marketplace, so that you can easily sell your products on the platform.
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