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Last month was a bit busy for developers as lots of apps were launched on the Play Store. No doubt there were so many apps that were the best in their own aspect. Still there were few that managed to grab our attraction and here in this post, we’ll discuss a list of such latest Android apps to download from the Play Store this month. Let’s have a look:

Latest Android apps to download from Play Store

Google Allo

This fun messaging app from Google is ruling the Play Store by storm. Within just a week of its release, over five million downloads have been recorded, clearly displaying the app’s growing popularity among users.

Google Allo borrows features from other popular chatting applications like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and Snapchat, and neatly arranges them in a simple interface.

However, what’s unique about the messaging app is that it comes with a built-in digital assistant that can assist you in plenty of tasks. You can do plenty of tasks like searching for something on web, watching videos on YouTube, listening to your favorite songs online and sending across your location, without even leaving the chat window.

Given its ease of use and plethora of features it offers, Google Allo is a sure thing to try!

Facebook Messenger Lite

Facebook has recently launched a lite version of its Facebook Messenger app dubbed Facebook Messenger Lite. The social media utility comes handy in areas where the internet is either limited or very slow. The application is less than 10 MB in size, which means you can easily install and use it.

Facebook Messenger lite features core functionality of the Messenger like messaging, transferring media files, and receiving stickers. Rest, the user interface is also same.

Well, if you’re residing in an area where internet is limited, Facebook Messenger can prove to be a suitable alternative.

Google Trips

Here comes this wonderful travel app from Google itself. Google Trip makes it quite easy for you to make and plan trips. The app scans every detail ranging from your flight tickets on your Gmail to your hotel bookings and swiftly guides your through your travel.

Seriously! You travel becomes much easier with this wonderful app. You must give it a try.

FireFox Aurora

Firefox Aurora is a developer channel for Mozilla FireFox that shows you the latest upcoming features and experimental builds. This you can always stay up-to-date on what FireFox team is working on.


As the application is experimental, it may crash many times. So, it’s up to you whether you want to install it or not.


No matter what do you do, you always want to remain updated and aware on what’s happening around you.

Yes! There are plenty of news feed apps out there, but how many of them let you customize your own feed. No so many I guess. This wonderful news feed app called NewsPro, from Microsoft’s Garage project, offers you this feature. It lets you create a giant, personalized news feed based on your interests. You can add or remove topics, prioritize topic as per your choice and much more.

So if you always want to stay aware and up-to-date, this app is the best.


Since the app is at primary stage, it may experience some crashes.

Our list of latest Android apps to download from Play Store ends here. Now it’s time to grab a device, install the above mentioned apps, try them yourself and feel the difference. Enjoy!

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Latest Android apps to download from Play Store: October 2016 Edition
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Latest Android apps to download from Play Store: October 2016 Edition
Here in this post we'll discuss the list of latest Android apps to download from Play Store this months. The list is updated with some of the best apps.
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