How to enable Facebook Messenger end-to-end encryption

Make your conversations super-secret with Facebook Messenger end-to-end encryption. Facebook wants you to chat with complete security with the introduction of this new Messenger feature.

At long last, Facebook introduced Secret Conversations feature to all Facebook Messenger users, so that no one can pry into their chats other than just participants.

For non-techies, end-to-end encryption basically means that your messages to other devices are encrypted so that no one can access the conversation apart from the sender and the intended receiver. The new Secret Conversations feature is opt-in, means users will have to enable the feature on their own.

Here’s how to enable Facebook Messenger end-to-end encryption

To set up the feature there is no need for rocket science. The process of setting up the feature is quite simple and can be done by following ways.

You can enable the Facebook Messenger end-to-end encryption feature during a conversation. To do so,

  • Go into a Facebook Messenger conversation
  • Now select the circled ‘Me’ icon resting in the upper side of the screen
  • Select Secret Conversation option from the Settings menu
  • A pop up will appear asking you to “Turn On Secret Conversations?”
  • Select the TURN ON option

Note: You can enable encrypted messages setup just on one device, so make sure to enable the feature on the one you’re using the service.

You can also enable Facebook Messenger end-to-end encryption feature from the home screen of your device. To do so,

  • Tap the Plus symbol > Lock icon
  • Now select the contact you want to message
  • Your chat is now protected by end-to-end encryption

Once the feature is enabled, Messenger users can go on with their chats as they normally would. For now, the feature provides no support for media content such as GIFs and videos, though users can send pictures and stickers while using it.

Facebook Messenger end-to-end encryption can be used only when both participants in a conversation have updated the app to the latest version. So, to make use of the Secret Conversations, be sure to update the Facebook Messenger app to the latest version. Facebook Messenger end-to-end encryption feature is available on both iOS and Android.

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How to enable Facebook Messenger end-to-end encryption
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How to enable Facebook Messenger end-to-end encryption
Make your conversations safe and secret with Facebook Messenger end-to-end encryption, which is now available to all. Here's how to do it.
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