YouTube app on Android
Complete guide to using YouTube app on Android

YouTube has become such a popular name when it comes to online streaming videos and music, that the service needs no introduction or brief. While the most of you are already familiar with what the platform basically offers and is used for, many of you are still messing with your heads thinking the best ways to make the most out of the YouTube app. In this post, we will be rounding up a list of ways the YouTube app on Android can be used for.

How to use YouTube app on Android

Isn’t it overwhelming given that YouTube lets you enjoy the work of all artists, be it Grape Lady Falls, Chocolate Rain, or Charlie Bit Me! The list is unending and the best thing is that the YouTube app comes standard with almost very Android phone.

All thanks to Google for making YouTube app on Android a big success. Yet the question is…how do you play them or subscribe to the channels you follow?

Here’s a complete guide to help you out in using YouTube app on Android in the best possible way. Let’s begin.

How to search videos in YouTube app on Android


To search videos in YouTube app on Android, all you need to do is just use any among the keyword, title, topic, channel, or whatever else. Simply type what you are looking for and there you go!

Another way to search videos in YouTube app on Android is to find them under the Home (small house icon), Trending (the fire icon), and Subscription (play icon with tabs behind) tabs.

To do so,

  • Open YouTube app from your home screen or app drawer
  • Tap on the search icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. It will look like magnifying glass icon
  • Type your search
  • Tap the search icon on the bottom-right of the keyboard (magnifying glass)
  • Tap on a video to watch it

How to control video playback in YouTube app on Android


Once you find the video you want and tap on it, it will automatically play. Now, you can control playback options easily using the play bar. To do so,

  • Open YouTube app on Android device
  • Search for the video you are looking for
  • Once found, tap on the video to play it
  • Turn your Android device horizontally to watch video in fullscreen mode. You can also simply tap the fullscreen icon at the bottom-right corner of the video (broken square).

How to change video quality in YouTube app for Android


Want to cut some data o you are comfortable watching your favorite video in high definition quality, in either case, you can easily lower or raise video quality at your discreet.

  • Open YouTube app
  • Search the video you want to watch
  • Tap on more icon at the top-right of the video pane (three vertical dots). You would need to tap on the video to bring the playback controls
  • Tap on Quality
  • Tap a resolution in the list

How to create a YouTube account


If you are someone who likes to comment, like, or subscribe to channels on YouTube, then first thing you would need to do is to sign up for a account, in case you haven’t already signed up. If you have a Google account, then you already have a YouTube account automatically. All you need to do is just sign in.

  • Open YouTube app on Android
  • Tap on more icon (three vertical dots)
  • Tap on the “+” icon next to You can also tap on the account you want to sign in with (if there are multiple) and you will be automatically signed in with your password
  • Enter your email address
  • Tap Next
  • Enter your password
  • Tap on accept

You will be signed in with your new account

How to subscribe to a YouTube channel


If you want to follow a YouTuber, you can subscribe to their channel easily. For this, you will need an account. You will receive notification every time the channel uploads something new.

  • Open YouTube app
  • Search the video or channel you want to subscribe
  • Tap on the red subscribe icon. It will be shown as Subscribe with a red play button next to it

How to share a video in YouTube app on Android


  • Launch YouTube app
  • Search the video or channel you want to share
  • Tap on the share icon on the upper-right corner of the screen (curved arrow)
  • Select your sharing method (via message, Facebook, email, or other)
  • Share as you normally would in whatever method you like

BONUS: How to cast YouTube to TV with Chromecast


Last but not the least; you can even cast YouTube to your TV with Chromecast. Yes, to do so, follow the steps below:

  • Open YouTube app
  • Tap on the cast icon (a box with Wi-Fi symbol) in the bottom-left corner
  • Tap o a The device can be your TV, Android TV box, or some other media streaming device
  • Tap on a video to play it. You can also add it to the list

So, this was our complete guide to make you familiar with the YouTube app on Android. Hope you liked it and it makes your YouTube experience on Android better and productive.

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Complete guide to using YouTube app on Android
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Complete guide to using YouTube app on Android
Here we have come up with a complete guide on how to use YouTube app on Android. Read on our guide to make the best out of YouTube app.
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