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How to use Google Assistant in Allo: complete guide

Google has just released its latest messaging app Allo, which has already set new records on the Play Store (more than 5 million downloads till date) and you might be giving a thought to use Google Assistant in Allo. After using Allo, it seems like the app is made entirely to boast Google Assistant feature. You can use the Google’s AI while you are chatting with someone, or you can talk to the app directly.

Here we’ll explain you how to use Google Assistant in Allo, and show some of the cool things that you can do with it. Let’s begin

1. Weather updates from anywhere, anytime


There are a number of ways to check the current weather, but how about getting whether updates without any need to open the web browser? Yes, you can use Google Assistant in Allo to do so. Just ask Assistant and the app will provide the right answer as it remembers your query. For instance, you can ask “Will it rain today?” After getting the reply, you can follow up with another question.

2. Schedule calendar appointments and reminders


If you’ve made a plan with your friends on Allo, you can add an event to your calendar straight from Google Assistant. You will be asked to enter time and title, after which you can save it.

If that’s too complex for you, don’t worry, Assistant even lets you set a reminder. You can tell it when you want the reminder to alert you.

3. Send voice messages


You can use Google Assistant in Allo to share voice messages with your friends, thanks to the Google Assistant voice recording feature. Rather than typing your questions and commands, you can simply send an audio message, but if you want to talk to someone else, then tap Google and long-press the microphone icon to record the voice and send it when you are ready.

4. Searchable history


As you continue using the chatbot, the useful conversation might get lost somewhere in older chat. So, what to do when you need that information again? There are possible two ways for this, you may ask the question again or simply search the chat. The Google Assistant stores a full searchable history.

Just tap the icon in the upper right corner, which reveals an overflow menu. Tap “Search” and type the letters you want to search. Allo will highlight the words that match your search.

5. Share images


Apart from voice detection, Assistant can also view images you send it. It has the power to recognize faces, read barcodes, and even identify landmarks in photos. It’s also capable of recognizing products and logos. Definitely, you can get more information about the things you encounter in your daily life using this amazing feature of Google Assistant in Allo.

6. Access Google Photos


If you use Google Photos to back up your images, Assistant can access them if you want to. In this case, you can ask it to display photos of certain things like monuments or animals. It’s even capable of looking photos by the metadata, so you can ask for photos taken on a specific date or place. For this, you need to specify “my” photos in the request; otherwise Assistant will search it on the net.

7. Listen to music videos


Assistant can find music for you and there’s no need to leave Allo to enjoy your favorite songs. Just give the artist and song title, and Assistant will find a YouTube video for it. Tap the video thumbnail, and a video player will emerge and play the file. When looking for music, use the prefix “Play” in Google Assistant, and you won’t have to go to the YouTube app.

8. Subscriptions


You can use Google Assistant in Allo to bring up any news on your demand. Additionally, you can also let it automatically send you useful information on daily basis.  Just request Assistant “Send me daily” after completing a query.

It will ask for time, and you are done with the subscription. You can choose between news, weather, and even currency exchange rates. If you want to change the subscription later, it’s easy- tell Assistant that you want to modify or cancel one.

9. Play games


Now you are aware of the several ways you can use Google Assistant in Allo, there’s more left. You can also pass time playing a game. You can demand a game through Assistant and choose from a few options such as solitaire, games from Google Doodles, quizzes, and chat-based games.

10. Fun and learning


Okay, we’ve talked enough of serious stuff. Now it’s time for some fun and entertainment. Even bad jokes can be funny when a chatbot tells it. Just ask Assistant to send you a joke. You can even demand an interesting fact or some random fun. This added functionality of Google Assistant makes Allo a really handy and engaging app for users across the globe.

Click here to install Allo

So, these were some of the amazing tips on how to use Google Assistant in Allo. If you have other ways to use Google Assistant in Allo, leave comments below.

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How to use Google Assistant in Allo: complete guide
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How to use Google Assistant in Allo: complete guide
You can easily use Google Assistant in Allo by following our quick guide. It will help you make the most out of Google's new service.
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