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YouTube is quite notable as the world’s largest video streaming service with over 1 bn active users. However, many of you don’t know that you can also use it for streaming music. Yes! You heard it right. For a very long time, YouTube has been the unique provider for music and many users are still using it to stream their favorite songs. Still without some effective pro tips, the YouTube music streaming experience is somewhat incomplete. That’s why we’ve arrived with this post, where we’ll guide you on how to stream music with YouTube. Let’s get started:

How to stream music with YouTube

Here’s complete guide on how to stream music with YouTube:

Create Playlists

What most people don’t know about streaming music with YouTube is that they can create playlists. Yes! You’ll no longer need to search for each and every song you want to listen. Instead, you can find all the songs at one place. You can summon and listen them at will.

To create a playlist, you just need to:

  • Play a song
  • Click the Add to + button

Here you can choose a particular playlist, create a new one or add the song to Watch later playlist.

The above mentioned tip comes handy when you want to listen to a particular band or musician at a time. You can easily create and short playlists and save them for later. YouTube also sorts playlist by band or artist names, so that you don’t have trouble finding your favorite music. All you need is to:

  • Search by the name of band or Artist you want to listen

Now, you’ll find multiple playlists by the band’s or artist’s name. You can save these playlists like a bookmark on their main landing page, so that you find them immediately and you don’t have to waste your time searching.

On the apps things are more simple and reliable. Not only on the YouTube for Android but for iOS version too (there is no YouTube app for Windows).

Apart from this, you can also edit your playlists from the Window page on desktop interface. You can remove the song you don’t like anymore, rearrange them, add new songs and much more.

Use offline mode

The video streaming service has just introduced an offline mode that lets you download the video to your mobile so that you can watch it later. This is very important, if you’re living in a area where internet connectivity is poor. All you need is to:

  • Press a dedicated button, while playing the video on YouTube

This will download the file on your phone and you can watch it whenever you want to.

Still there are few things, you’ll need to keep in mind. Not all the videos can be downloaded for offline playing. So, you may need to adjust quality of the video accordingly (mostly 360 and 720p versions are supported). And one more thing, while downloading the video make sure that you’re using a Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, it may cost heavily on your data.

Other tips and tricks

Apart from the above mentioned tips and tricks, there are few other YouTube tips you must know:

  • The YouTube app doesn’t support multitasking. This means, once you move out of the app, the audio being played will go away. So you’ll have to be inside the app all the time, while using it
  • We suggest reducing the screen brightness, so that your phone’s battery can last longer
  • The downloaded files can only be played on the device they’ve been downloaded. So if you’re not being able to play them on any other device, don’t worry
  • Also, while sharing the offline file via Bluetooth, only the link for the file will be shared not the actual file

So, you’ve successfully come across all possible tips and ways on how to stream music with YouTube . So while playing music on the app next time, make sure to follow above mentioned pro tips. They’ll definitely come handy.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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How to stream music with YouTube: pro tips
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How to stream music with YouTube: pro tips
Here in this post we'll guide you on how to stream music with YouTube so that you can easily find and play your favourite playlists on the streaming service
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