KMPlayer keyboard shortcuts
Ultimate KMPlayer keyboard shortcuts you must use

There are plenty of media players out there, each one with their own set of features, functionality and userbase. While many users prefer VLC media player, all thanks to its ease of use and features, some people also love using other media players like KMPlayer, as it offers better video quality and more impressive interface. No matter KMPlayer appears complex in the beginning, but once you get familiar with it, your multimedia life will become fairly easy. Here in this post, we have come up with the list of some of the best and handy KMPlayer keyboard shortcuts you must use. Let’s have a look:

Best KMPlayer keyboard shortcuts to try now:

Here is the list of the ultimate KMPlayer keyboard shortcuts you must use:


While you can Play/Pause a media in KMPlayer by double-clicking left mouse button, there is also a keyboard shortcut for this i.e Spacebar key. Pressing the key will pause the media file. To resume it, you’ve to press the spacebar key again.

Similarly, Pressing the Esc key will pause the media and minimize the player to the system tray.


Sometimes, you’ll just want to watch a movie fast forward or rewind a scene you loved too much. At such instances, knowing the following shortcuts may prove handy:

Right arrow/ Left Arrow key: Forward or rewind a movie by 5 second

Ctrl + Right Arrow/Left Arrow: Forward/Rewind a movie by 30 seconds

Alt + Right Arrow/Left Arrow: Forward/Rewind a movie by 1 minute

Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow/Left Arrow: Forward/Rewind a movie by 10 minutes

Next time if you are watching a movie in KMPlayer and want to skip a particular scene, just apply any of the above mentioned combinations. They’ll definitely prove helpful.

Volume Up/Down

No matter you can raise or lower the volume by scrolling the volume button up and down. However, it takes too much time to adjust it properly. In such case, you can the UP and Down arrow keys to raise or lower the volume.

Pressing the M key will put the media on mute.

Change video frame size

To toggle between various video frame sizes, you’ll need to keep following shortcuts in mind:

  • Enter: Toggle between the full screen and window mode
  • Ctrl + Enter: Stretch full screen mode
  • Ctrl + Alt + Enter: Over-scan full screen mode
  • Alt + 1: Stretch to half size
  • Alt + 2: Stretch to normal size
  • Alt + 3: Stretch to one and a half size
  • Alt + 4: Stretch to double size
  • Alt + 5: Reset the frame to original size

Toggle between audio streams

If you are watching a movie in dual audio and switch to the audio stream you understand better, you can use Ctrl + X combination to toggle between audio streams.

Adjust contrast, saturation and brightness

Many times, you may need to adjust contrast, saturation and brightness settings depending on what kind of video you’re watching. During this time, knowing the following shortcuts may prove helpful:

  • H/W Contrast: Z, X, C
  • S/W Contrast: V, B, N
  • H/W Saturation: A, S, D
  • S/W Saturation: G, H, Z
  • H/W Brightness: Q, W, E
  • S/W Brightness: T, Y, U

Subtitle shortcuts

Subtitles are something you always require, especially when you watching a movie or a TV show in foreign language. Here’s the list of KMPlayer subtitle shortcuts, you must know:

  • Alt + O: Load Subtitles
  • Alt + X: Show or Hide subtitles
  • Alt + Q: Load Subtitle Editor
  • Alt + [F1, F2, F3]: Increase, Decrease or Reset Font Size

Audio/Video Settings

You can also tweak audio/video settings with the help of keyboard shortcuts. This will save a lot of your time. Let’s have a look at the shortcuts:

Audio Settings

  • Shift + F2: Normalizer
  • Shift + F3: True Bass
  • Shift + F4: Treble Enhancer
  • Shift + F5: Remove Left Channel
  • Shift + F6: Remove Right Channel
  • Shift + F7: Swap Channels
  • Shift + F8: Downmix to Mono
  • Shift + F9: Crystality
  • Shift +Backspace: Ignore All Settings

Video Settings

  • Motion Blur: Ctrl + F1
  • Soften (LPF): Ctrl + F2
  • Sharpen: Ctrl + F3
  • Median Vertical Filter: Ctrl + F4
  • Median Horizontal Filter: Ctrl + F5
  • Mean Y Filter: Ctrl + F6
  • Mean UV Filter: Ctrl +F7
  • Gray Scale: Ctrl +F8
  • Auto Level Control: Ctrl +F9
  • Mirror Image: Ctrl + F10
  • File Input Picture: Ctrl + F11
  • File Output Picture: Ctrl + F12


Apart from the above mentioned keyboard shortcuts, there are also some other keys within the player. Let’s have a look:

  • F1: Help
  • F2: Preferences
  • Alt + E: Playlist Editor
  • Alt + G: Control Box
  • Ctrl + Z: Close Playing File
  • Alt + F4: Close Media Player

Our list of ultimate KMPlayer keyboard shortcuts ends here. Now it’s time for some practical. So grab a device running KM Player! Apply above mentioned KMPlayer keyboard shortcuts! And enjoy a completely new and redefined media streaming experience on your PC.

Well if you haven’t installed KMPlayer on your PC yet. You can download and install it from here.

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Ultimate KMPlayer keyboard shortcuts you must use
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Ultimate KMPlayer keyboard shortcuts you must use
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