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Twitter Moments is now officially available to everyone

Can’t wait to tell your story? Fret not, as Twitter Moments is now available to everyone. Moments is one of the most unique and innovative tools introduced by Twitter on its platform over the last few years. The feature was yet limited only to a select few partners and Twitter HQ. But that’s what has changed now.

Moments is the collection of tweets which you can use to share a story on the social platform. Twitter Moments debuted as a medium of slowing down the pace of news feed around a year back.

In August, the social service released the feature to a wider selection of companies and announced the news of Twitter Moments arriving soon to all users.

It seems like finally the company kept its promise. From now, every Twitter user is able to create their own Moments which they can share on the platform. Twitter Moments is the best way to highlight or share an event or tell a story with the narrative feature.

No matter what the occasion or theme may be, you just need to compile a collection of tweets which would be used in the story. Now there’s a new Moments counter on your profile.

To use the new Twitter Moments feature:

  • Simply select “Create a new Moment”
  • Add relevant tweets to the collection
  • Select a cover image
  • Publish it

Once done, all your followers would be able to see your story.

Twitter has simplified the process by allowing you to add tweets you have liked or searched for others throughout the platform.

Though the feature hasn’t taken off the way Twitter expected it to be, users are applying it often. In any way, making the feature public is a good move, although it should have released the feature earlier as an analog to Snapchat and Instagram’s Stories.

A plus point with Twitter Moments is that you can create broader and more interesting narratives, thanks to the ability to add content from throughout the platform.

For now, the feature is available on the Web with an expected arrival on Twitter mobile app sometime soon.

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Twitter Moments is now officially available to everyone
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Twitter Moments is now officially available to everyone
Twitter Moments, the story-telling feature of the social platform is finally available to everyone. It lets you share a story with a collection of tweets.
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