Google has just rolled out a new update for its Google for iOS app. The updated app will let you search privately. Given that, now you don’t have to worry about who is peeking through your search history on your iOS devices.

The above mentioned update is the part of three updates released for Google for iOS app, by the search giant yesterday. The move clarifies the company’s efforts to refine its core app in iPhone Operating System.

The first update promises small bug fixes, thus making the utility reliable twice as compared to the previous version. The second update allows in-search YouTube videos, which means now you watch YouTube videos directly in the app.

Third and the last update in the list is the new incognito mode that allows you to browse privately without viewing history, downloads, accounts, cookies and passwords being tracked. The mode can help you browse freely without having to worry about your information being saved and viewed by other users.

However, the most interesting part isn’t the newly introduced incognito mode, as it is already available in other browsers like Google Chrome and Safari. It’s the new security feature that Google is adding with the mode. The new update lets you lock your searches using Touch ID. Doping so ensures that even if someone gets access to your iPhone or iPad, he wouldn’t be able to see which tabs you’ve opened within the app.

The change is small, but very significant. Incognito mode can save you from a lot of embarrassing situations (just imagine you are viewing inappropriate content and someone gets to know what you had searched and which websites you had visited). Apart from this, you don’t even have to worry about your details being saved on the Web and misused by other people. Apart from this, Google adds a new layer of security by letting you lock your searches with Touch ID. Overall, the update comes as a life saver to users, who worry a lot about their privacy.

The new Google for iOS update come a week before Google’s media event, scheduled for October 4, where the tech giant will reveal a new phone, a digital voice assistant called Google Home and an update to Chromecast digital media player.

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New Google for iOS update lets you lock your incognito searches behind touch ID
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New Google for iOS update lets you lock your incognito searches behind touch ID
Google has just rolled out a new update in its Google for iOS app that will let you search privately and secure your incognito searches behind Touch ID.
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