Facebook At Work is all set to launch in November

Other than the passing meme and Candy Crush, Facebook is pushing hard to make its Facebook At Work as powerful and popular as socializing. It seems like the company is planning to bring more productivity and collaboration to the work.

The first news about the arrival of Facebook At Work surfaced in 2015 for an early-2016 launch. Now the new update reveals that the enterprise communication and collaboration network Facebook At Work will be launched over the coming few weeks.

It will be based on a per seat pricing model.

Julien Codorniou, work director at Facebook says hopes that with the new service, the social network aims to maintain employees’ engagement with the product. For this, the company is coming up with a pricing plan costing companies “per monthly active user” rather than charging a fixed rate per company.

Sources also indicate Facebook announcing launch integrations or partnerships with a few Software-as-a-Service providers, including Asana. Now that could prove beneficial for Facebook in getting almost all members of a company signing up, including managers, employees, assistants, executives, and everyone else.

Fortunately, if Facebook At Work doesn’t stick, employees wouldn’t need to pay for vacant positions. Facebook started working on the enterprise product in 2014. The company officially disclosed the initial tests in the beginning of 2015. Facebook has been busy signing up the high-scale international customers since then, the Royal Bank of Scotland (with 1, 00, 000 employees).

Subscribers of Facebook At Work can use the dedicated “Work Feed” of posts feature from their colleagues to share ideas and plan tasks.

Given the functionality, it’s more like the similar products, including Salesforce Chatter ($15/month), Convo ($9/month), and Microsoft’s Yammer ($3-$24/month).

The service will also render Groups along with Messenger, including audio and video calls to stand in line with Skype and Slack. Apart from it, subscribers will also receive social network’s profiles, Events and Live Video features.

The confirmed price has yet not been disclosed, but it’s sure that the 400+ beta testers who have been testing the service will be able to use it for free for a few months of comped subscriptions for testing purpose.

Its ace functionality lies in its familiar nature. It is capable of attracting more users compared to other popular SaaS tools as people wouldn’t need to sign up for a new account and would be already familiar with how to use it.

In case a person is doubtful of security, employees can set up separate accounts for business.

Facebook At Work app is expected to launch just as Microsoft scraps the Yammer Enterprise tier on which a number of companies rely upon, looking then for a new alternative to keep the entire team on the same page.

Expanding its reach from social advertising to more diverse areas could help the social network to grow more without leaving its customers in marketing.

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Facebook At Work is all set to launch in November
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Facebook At Work is all set to launch in November
Facebook At Work is expected to launch in November. The new service will focus on more work-related aspects and needs of the businesses and employees.
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