Disable iOS features
Disable iOS features you rarely use on iPhone and iPad

Of course, iOS is the base of Apple’s smartphones yet some features might just get in the way for no use. You don’t have to bother as you can disable iOS features that you generally never come across using.

Each new version of iOS introduces new set of features to bring the best in its products lineup of iPhones and iPads. The improvements undoubtedly help improve the ease of use and flexibility of the operating system, but at times there are a few that end up messing with your way.

The list of these annoying features packs 3 such functionalities that most of you only use by accident.

Here in this quick guide, we will be covering 2 iPhone and one iPad features that you use only by accident and how to disable them.

Disable iOS features you need no more:

1. Reachability

Introduced with the last yeast flagships iPhone 6 and iOS 8 in an attempt to help users with tiny Trump hands reach every option on the big iPhone 6 screen, Reachability appeared to be a somewhat lost feature. It moves the screen down to let you easily swipe, tap, or else reach anything else at the top of the screen.

disable reachability in ios

Just a double-tap on the home button and the current screen will slide halfway down the display of your smartphone. Yes it takes a while to get familiar with the larger screen but every iPhone 6 user eventually gets with the flow. Now the Reachability feature is used seldom and hence you can disable iOS features like this to clear the clutter.

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Accessibility
  • Turn off the Reachability option

2. Multitasking in iPad

Well, the majority of iPad users don’t take their device as any productivity machine. It’s best for watching Netflix, playing games, and getting something good to read. Generally, you are rarely in need of multitasking to access several things at a time so the chances that you only accidentally come across the iPad’s slide-over or split-view features are high.

disable ipad multitasking

To disable iOS features like multitasking (split-view and slide-over),

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on Multitasking
  • Turn off the Allow Multiple Apps option

This will prevent any sliding over or split view the next time you use your iPad for a dedicated session to one thing at a time.

3. Shake to Undo

More in the list to disable iOS features? This is yet another not-so-often used features used only by mistake. The Shake to Undo feature pops up on some apps like Messages or Mail and prompts you if you want to Undo typing.

disable shake to undo features in ios

If you wish to disable this one as well,

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Accessibility
  • Tap on Shake to Undo bit above the Reachability settings mentioned in the first point
  • Turn it off

So, these were some of the bothersome iPhone and iPad features that most likely don’t find any use on your device. We hope our guide on how to disable iOS features not in use comes handy next time to wish to get over with them.

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Disable iOS features you rarely use on iPhone and iPad
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Disable iOS features you rarely use on iPhone and iPad
Here is the quick guide to help you disable iOS features that you only use by accident on your iPhone and iPad. Read on the post to know more!
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