Google buying Twitter
Google buying Twitter sounds more like Microsoft buying LinkedIn

Over the last few months, Twitter has received almost all sorts of criticism for the way it runs the company and public issues. Given the flat growth, consistently declining profits, and negative feedback from users all over the world over how it has been combating the online harassment on its social platform, a few have called for a need of a bigger and powerful company to step in and make all such problems go away. Maybe that’s the reason the rumor of Google buying Twitter seems fair enough.

No deal has been confirmed yet the company could receive a bid fairly soon.

Sources reveal this could well happen after the news of Google, Salesforce, and other tech companies reported to be engaged in conversations with the social media platform over a possible takeover. The rumor has definitely made the investors excited.

At the time of the first buzz, Twitter’s share price saw a hike of 20 percent and has been still increasing steadily.

The company has even received expressions of interest from a number of parties but not received a formal bid until now. You could expect it coming sometime soon. Google, which already tried and failed many times in innovating in the social media world, has all the resources to acquire Twitter. It is also capable to accommodate Twitter’s global team.

Google seems to be the most interesting suitor rumored before, now Google buying Twitter will give its plans a firm foothold to beat Facebook after the relatively obvious failure of Google+.

On the other hand, Salesforce, the popular CRM tools and cloud computing company, is also able enough to buy Twitter and it can ad Twitter to its widespread line-up of social and cloud enterprise services.

Some rumors reveal that apart from Salesforce, and Google buying Twitter, Verizon and Microsoft, both are also in the line.

What makes sense after hearing Google buying Twitter is that the companies might be in plans to benefit from Twitter’s data than its position as a media. Now this admittedly sounds good for users, yet what social network is not monetizing its userbase these days!

Of course, there’s a whole lot difference between discussing an acquisition and one actually taking over. Well who doesn’t remember the case of Apple and McLaren!

The news of Google buying Twitter is just a rumor yet and it might not even pan out, but for now, at least the investors has something to be excited about…stocks rose 15 percent following the report.

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Google buying Twitter sounds more like Microsoft buying LinkedIn
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Google buying Twitter sounds more like Microsoft buying LinkedIn
The news of Google buying Twitter is prevailing in the market. Apart from Google, SalesForce and some other companies are also interested in the deal.
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