boost wifi signal
boost wifi signal

These days, Internet has become a necessity in our daily lives. There is no task where Internet is not required. Be it shopping, transferring documents, doing business, chatting with your friends, or recharging you cellphone, there is no task you that can’t do from your home if you have an internet connection.

If you have a laptop, desktop and cell phone, you can connect all these devices via Wi-Fi, as it lets you easily connect multiple devices together within a particular area (say a building or a house). However, using Wi-Fi is pretty much frustrating due to its low signal strength. Despite many efforts, the signal strength isn’t improved. So, if you’re facing the same issue, then you’ve arrived at the right place. Here we’ve come up with the list of best ways to boost WiFi signals at home. Let’s get started:

Best ways to boost WiFi signal strength at your home

Here are the best ways to boost WiFi signal strength at your home:

Place your Router in a Perfect Spot

You may have seen that in some rooms of your house Wi-Fi signal is full, while in other rooms there is no signal. The main reason behind this may be that you haven’t placed the router in a proper place. When you place your router behind a wall or within a closed room, some signals will be blocked and this will ultimately result in bad signal strength. So, make sure to place the router near the center of your house so that it can broadcast the signal out in all directions with equal strength. This will ultimately boost your WiFi signal strength.

Lift the Router off the Ground

When you place the router, make sure you lift it up off the ground. This way the signals can easily penetrate from some materials like metal, cement and concrete, and you can get better signal strength. Otherwise, if place it on the ground your signals will be absorbed by these materials and the signal strength will ultimately decrease.

So if you want better signals, lift your router off the ground!

Keep the router away from other Electronic appliances

If you place your router near electronic appliances like TV, computers, Security alarms, cordless phones and microwaves, you Wi-Fi router’s signal strength may decrease. The reason is pretty simple; these devices have their own signals, which can interfere the Wi-Fi router’s signals and ultimately decrease them. So, make sure to keep your router away from other electronic appliances if want better signals.

Point the Antennas in Different Directions

Routers usually have two or more than two antennas. Now, if you place the antennas in same directions, the signals will not be equally distributed and you can’t get proper signal strength. So for better signal, you should point the Antennas in different directions.

You can also position two antennas like one in vertical direction and the other in horizontal way that looks like perpendicular to the first one.

Place your Router in a Perfect Spot

Whenever you find out that the Wi-Fi signal strength is low, you can measure your signal strength using applications which are available to download on your phone or PC. Plenty of such apps are available in the market. You can use any of them to measure your Wi-Fi signal strength.

Control bandwidth-Hogging Applications

Sometimes, some applications like video chats, playing online games, torrent files, or using services like Netflix can ultimately drop your Wi-Fi signal strength. Such applications can result in slower internet. So, it’s best to control or avoid such bandwidth hogging applications.

You can also use Quality of Service, which can prioritize certain applications over others so that most important applications get the bandwidth they deserve.

Secure your Wi-Fi router password

Sometimes! The key reason behind reduced Wi-Fi signal can be that some people in your neighbourhood have hacked router password and they are using your internet. Yes! You heard it right. There are plenty of ways to hack Wi-Fi password. So, it’s advised to protect your Wi-Fi router password. You can use various techniques to secure your Wi-Fi router like blocking physical address of the devices illegally using network, using advanced protection methods etc.

Our list of best ways to boost WiFi signal at your home ends here. You can use these methods to effectively boost WiFi signal at your home and enjoy better signal strength. All the above mentioned tips are effective, they’ll definitely come handy.

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How to boost WiFi signal strength at your home
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How to boost WiFi signal strength at your home
Here in this post, we'll discuss various ways to boost WiFi signal strength at your home, so that you can enjoy better internet connection on your devices.
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