Best data recovery software for Windows
Best data recovery software for Windows

Deleted or lost an important file? Want to get it back but couldn’t find it in the recycle bin? Not to worry! You may still have a chance to recover it back even after deleting it with Shift + delete. In this tutorial, we’ve listed 5 best free data recovery software for you that can instantly recover deleted files from your Windows machine either from your hard drive or from any other storage device.

Free data recovery software:

Unfortunate events can happen anytime, especially  when it comes to your Windows machines, as your important files or folders can get infected by a virus or can get accidently deleted. With one of the following software on hand, you’ll be able to recover your accidently lost data with ease.

  1. Recuva

Recuva is a powerful Windows-based tool for recovering your lost data. Not only can Recuva makes things as easy as possible but also comes with a host of additional functionality. With Recuva data recovery software you can resurrect missing files using either the application’s manual mode or the file-recovery wizard.


Recuva allows you to scan deleted files based on their type like pictures, music, videos, etc. You can even head to the application’s deep scanning feature in case you are not able to find the deleted file via normal search. Though the deep scanning feature takes much longer, it shows more results.

Recuva also features a file deleting tool to securely wipe off files you find. The tool is quite handy if you are trying a file recovery process just to make sure the files you deleted are actually gone. Recuva also has a portable version.

  1. Pandora Recovery

Bring your dead data back to life with Pandora Recovery. The application has a versatile offering that can recover most of the data without issues. It offers a wizard-based interface to recover deleted files.


This free data recovery software lets you search for a deleted files based on its name, creation date, file size and last access time. You can even recover data from CDs and DVDs with Pandora Recovery.

  1. PhotoRec

This is another free data recovery software in our list of best 5 that helps you undelete lost files from any media along with the support for over hundred file formats. PhotoRec is one of those tools that you might wish you would found ages ago.


PhotoRec is basically designed to help desktop users recover accidently lost files and to recover lost partitions from hard disks, USB drives, optical discs, and digital memory cards.

The only drawback of the tool is its user interface. The application features a command line interface which means there is no mouse support. Besides that, the application is really easy to use, whether you are seasoned professional or a novice user.

  1. MiniTool Partition Recovery

Lost an entire partition? MiniTool Partition Recovery can help. One of the most alarming data loss experiences is when a whole partition or an entire drive goes missing.  This is where MiniTool comes into play.


You can recover deleted, lost or damaged partitions for IDE disk, SCSI disk, SATA disk, and removable disk. The application supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and VFAT file systems.

To find your lost partition, just fire the app and select the drive including your lost partition.  After that choose between scan the entire disk or just a part of it, then choose between quick and full scans. Now sit back and let the data recovery software do its work.

  1. Recover My Files

Last but not the least, Recover My files is a user-friendly tool that helps you recover deleted files while offering support for a preview mode.


The application is meant to bring back your important files like images, documents, archives, videos, emails and images even if they have been infected or permanently wiped off from your Recycle Bin. Download Recover MY Files, a dedicated tool to find and restore deleted items.

so, these were the 5 best solutions to recover your lost or deleted files back. We hope you find them useful enough the next time you suffer such a situation.

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5 best free data recovery software for Windows
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5 best free data recovery software for Windows
In this tutorial, we’ve listed 5 best free data recovery software for you that can instantly recover deleted files from your Windows machine
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