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YouTube Heroes program enlists volunteers to moderate its site

We all know that comments are the worst thing about YouTube, but that’s soon going to change as the company is seeking your help to keep a check on things with a new program dubbed – YouTube Heroes.

No formal announcement was made about YouTube Heroes; rather it published news via its YouTube Help channel.

Earlier this month, YouTube launched YouTube Community, its own social network. Now the company is enlisting ideas and help from viewers around the worlds to help moderate it. The company just announced the launch of a YouTube Heroes, its new crowdsourced moderation program. The program asks volunteers to do tasks like adding subtitles and captions, flagging inappropriate content, and replying to questions on the YouTube Help forum, along with some other things.

YouTube Heroes is basically a community of volunteer moderators, yet it’s not a usual online forum. The program is subdivided into different levels. You get points for flagging content, sharing knowledge, and more.

YouTube says that the participants will be eligible for perks, along with access to exclusive workshops and sneak preview of product launches and features, for instance.

At Level 2, you come to join in on exclusive workshops and can participate in video calls video chats with other heroes in the program.

At Level 3, you can mass flag videos and remove user comments you don’t find suitable like a pro. The next level gives you “sneak peaks” at the new products. You can chat directly with the YouTube team members. Finally, at Level 5, you can try out new features before they are released for public. You can also attend the so-called Heroes Summit event.

Heroes participating in the program will have their own online dashboard where they will work from. These volunteers will also be able to participate in Hero Hangouts at times.

Alike some of its other programs, YouTube Heroes get points for their work, determining their Hero Level.

Flagging inappropriate comments, writing in a subtitle, or a video gives one point. By answering a question on the Help forum and getting selected as the Best Answer, you get 10 points.

The new Heroes program takes after YouTube’s latest efforts to transform into a better social platform. YouTube Community was launched with a view of offering vide creators better ways to interact with their audience, beyond only videos. The creators can tap on the new Community tab to share text, GIFs, images, and more content with their viewers.

It’s not the first time Google is leaning on crowdsourcing to improve its products. The company has previously relied on contributors called Local Guides in an effort to correct business listing information and write reviews. Google also leverages crowdsourced travel info in its latest travel app – Google Trips.

YouTube Heroes program is open for enrolment now and offered anywhere YouTube is available.

Just sign up to be a hero on Google’s support page, so long as you have a valid YouTube channel and legal age.

NOTE: No brands or businesses are eligible for this program, only individual volunteers are welcome.

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YouTube Heroes program enlists volunteers to moderate its site
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YouTube Heroes program enlists volunteers to moderate its site
YouTube Heroes program is now open for enrolment. The company is enlisting volunteers from everywhere to help moderate its site and get perks.
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