Twitter launches app
Twitter launches app for live-streaming video on TV

Attention TV watchers, the social network is coming up with a new treat! With a view to expand its followers’ base, Twitter launches app for live-streaming videos on TV. The app will support live-streaming on Apple TV, Microsoft’s Xbox One, and Amazon Fire TV.

The new service will support live-streaming already available on the social network. It will include content from Vine and Periscope. Announced on Wednesday, the move comes just after the social network starts its live-stream of 10 NFL Thursday Night games with today’s night matchup between the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills.

Anthony Noto, chief financial officer at Twitter said in a statement,

“Twitter has always been a great complement to TV, and now fans can enjoy even more premium video with live Tweets — and the best content on Twitter — right from their TVs,” “We’re excited to introduce this new experience to people, without requiring a paywall or having to log in to Twitter.”

Twitter launches app for TV to become a live-streaming powerhouse. The move includes games from the Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League. Apart from it, the service also supports a nightly sports highlights show called The Rally.

Twitter will be live-streaming National Baseball Association pregame shows apart from broadcasting some games from the Pac-12 conference.

While the Apple TV version of Twitter is out worldwide via the App Store, the Xbox One version will be available only in Brazil, Australia, Canada, Mexico, the UK, and the US. Amazon Fire TV service is limited only to the UK and the US.

Twitter’s ambition to stream live sports was visible all the way back in April. Now this month’s kickstart with the NFL regular season will be the very first real test for the social platform as a sports-viewing hub.

There’s still time to see the dream of a full-on “Netflix for Sports” becoming a reality, yet Twitter live streaming games on the big screen without a cable subscription is definitely exciting us enough.

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Twitter launches app for live-streaming video on TV
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Twitter launches app for live-streaming video on TV
Twitter launches app to live-stream videos on TV. For now, the service will be available to Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, and Apple TV.
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