140 character limit
140 character limit

Twitter has come up with a great news for its users. According to a media report, the Micro-blogging website will stop counting media attachments, including images, GIFs, videos, polls and usernames, against the 140 character limit starting September 19, thus allowing users to compose longer tweets.

The social media giant first announced its plans to stop counting media attachments against the character limit back in May, but that time the company gave no exact date on when the process will start.

To be concise, Twitter isn’t exactly removing the 140 character limit and expanding the number of characters it allows. The company is just changing the way it counts the characters count in tweets, so that you can write longer tweets and include more attachments.

It’s still not clear whether all of these changes will arrive simultaneously or in stages.

The social media platform’s decision to relax 140 character limit is being appreciated very well, by both users and experts. They’re seeing it as a revolutionary change.

Ezra Gottheil, an analyst with Technology Business research, stated that the change would be a good thing.

According to Gottheil, “It’s certainly a small difference, but i would appreciate it. I like the discipline of the character limit. Sometimes you just want more room, but that would only happen with any limit. Not having a limit would make it a totally different experience”

“So you live with 140 characters, but it’s nice that it will be 140 for what you write, not 140 less things like names. It will encourage you to include more names, which adds to the community feel.”

Apart from this, the social platform also introduced new features to its direct messages (DMs) feature, including read receipts and live typing indicators. It looks like the company is redefining the way it works, making the platform more interactive and reliable for its users.

Twitter authorities denied commenting on the report!

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Twitter to relax 140-character limit from September
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Twitter to relax 140-character limit from September
According to a media report, Twitter will stop counting media attachments like images and videos against the 140 character limit starting September 19.
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