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Adblock Plus launches its very own advertising platform

Adblock Plus announced on Tuesday that it is launching its very own ad network. The new advertising platform will show “acceptable” ads to ad-blocking users. Adblock Plus, the popular and somewhat controversial browser extension is now moving forward a step in its campaign to clean up online advertising, even if that comes at a price to users and publishers.

The company announced that it is teaming up with the online advertisers and launching its own advertising platform, called the Acceptable Ads Platform. While it surely doesn’t sounds well with the company’s original goal of blocking ads completely, the new platform claims it will let bloggers and publishers quickly and easily select “pre-whitelisted ads that they can drag and drop onto their sites.”

The ads must meet ABP’s own Acceptable Ads standards for labeling and size. Once placed on a publisher’s site, the ads will be visible to millions of ABP users.

Sources reveal that around a quarter of internet users in the US have an ad blocker installed on their desktop browsers.

Till Faida, co-founder of Adblock Plus said in a press release, “The Acceptable Ads Platform helps publishers who want to show an alternative, non-intrusive ad experience to users with ad blockers by providing them with a tool that lets them implement Acceptable Ads themselves.”

For users, the ad-blocking extension will still do what it is meant for, block ads that are not served by the new platform. Users can turn off the “acceptable ads” as well in case they choose to do so. Users who aren’t running ABP will, of course, receive the site’s original ads.

The ABP system is a clean win for all who dislikes obtrusive, bothersome or obnoxious ads. Sources unveils that Adblock Plus already whitelists ads from Microsoft Corp., Google, and Taboola.

For now, the new advertising platform is in open beta for advertisers and publishers. A complete launch is expected sometime during this fall.

Haven’t installed Adblock Plus on your browser yet? Don’t worry, click here for ABP for Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

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Adblock Plus launches its very own advertising platform
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Adblock Plus launches its very own advertising platform
The popular browser extension Adblock Plus is launching a new advertising platform with "acceptable ads" for publishers and bloggers.
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