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How to skip iOS 9.3.5 and upgrade to iOS 10 straightaway

Before you ditch iOS 9.3.5 and directly upgrade to iOS 10, let’s have a glimpse of the matter first. Last week, Apple released an emergency fix in attempts to phase out the so-called “Trident” vulnerabilities. The malware with threatening consequences is able to expose your device through not a single, but three distinct vulnerabilities.

Once accessed, the affected areas of iOS became open to remotely jailbreak an iOS through a program called “Pegasus.” Created by NSO Group, an Israeli cyber warfare firm, the Pegasus vulnerability could have potential effects on any iOS device running 9.3.4 or older version.

What’s the worse? The exploit has been there open in the wild for around a month. As a result, it’s still unpredictable that how many iPhones and iPads are infected. You might be safe until now, thanks to the expensive software suite, yet it’s always better to be on the safe side in situations like these.

So, the fact is, if you are thinking of upgrading to iOS 9.3.5, which is definitely the first thing you should be doing right now, why not to just make the leap and upgrade to iOS 10 instead?

Well, it’s the best option if you upgrade to iOS straightaway and here’s how to get it up and running on your device.

But, before you start upgrading, there are a few things first you should do.

Make a backup

The iOS 10 is still in its beta stage, so glitches are expected, although it’s absolutely polished for beta software. You might feel it sometime to give it up on beta and swing back to the 9.3.5 version. No problem! You can anytime return your phone to the previous iOS edition from a backup. To make a backup of your device,

  • Plug in your iPhone or iPad into your PC
  • Open iTunes
  • Click on the iPhone or iPad icon in the menu bar
  • Set a backup to This Computer, if you feel too worried, you can encrypt the backup from here
  • Now click on Back Up Now and add a password, in case you are encrypting the data
  • Back Up Apps
  • Once done, click on iTunes in the menu bar
  • Select Preferences
  • Click on Devices
  • Option-click on your Backup
  • Select Archive option

You’re done!

Register for the iOS 10 public beta

Now that you have successfully made a backup of your entire data, the next step is to register as a beta tester in Apple Beta Program. Fortunately, Apple lets anyone be a part of the program, and you can even opt out of the program the moment you want to. To enrol as a beta tester,

  • Visit official website – beta.apple.com on iPhone or iPad which you wish to upgrade
  • Tap in Sign in, if you have already registered before, simply log in
  • Enter your Apple ID and Password
  • Tap on Sign in
  • Accept the terms and conditions

It’s this much easy. Now all that remains is to install the iOS 10 public beta on your device.

Upgrade to iOS 10 public beta

  • Open Settings from your Homescreen
  • Tap on General < Software Update
  • Enter your Passcode
  • Tap on Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • Now, finally Agree one more time to confirm you want to download and install the available software update on your device

Bravo! Enjoy the new emojis and the new features in the iOS 10 update. Note that the iOS 10 version is still in public beta, so in case any glitches arrive, you are on your own from here.

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How to skip iOS 9.3.5 and upgrade to iOS 10 straightaway
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How to skip iOS 9.3.5 and upgrade to iOS 10 straightaway
If you want more security, you can directly upgrade to iOS 10, skipping the iOS 9.3.5 version. Here's how to do so, read on our guide.
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