Ultimate Windows 10 apps
Ultimate Windows 10 apps

We all know that the number of apps and games in the Windows Store is increasing day-by-day. So, it’s becoming quite difficult for us to choose which app is really useful and which is not. Sensing this need, here we’ve come up with the list of 5 ultimate Windows 10 apps you must try. Let’s have a sneak peek:

Ultimate Windows 10 apps you must try


First name in the list of ultimate Windows 10 apps is Squid, which is the redefined version of the popular handwriting app previously known as Papyrus for Windows and Windows phone.

The new version, now available in Windows 10 PCs and Phones, deploys the same technology to let you write comfortably on your device’s screen using a basic stylus, smart pen, or just your finger.

You can either start with a bank, lined, or graph paper writing surface in whatever size you want, or import an image or PDF to get started. Squid lets you choose from different sizes of pen strokes in your choice of colors. Selection tool, an eraser, and optional tool add-ons are also present.

Using the application, you can also export your files to images or PDF. You can also connect your files to both Dropbox and Box for instant uploads to the cloud.

Squid is free to download; however, several add-ons can be purchased from within the app.

Click here to download Squid from Windows Store

X Band for Microsoft Band

X Band for Microsoft Band is a completely new app for Windows 10 phones and PCs that allows you to personalize your Microsoft Band or Band 2 in different ways.

In this earlier version X Band has two primary functions that it can perform. First, it can change your Band’s theme, which includes the base, highlight. Second, it lets you choose between low light, high contrast, and muted color schemes.

Just click on each section, and choose a color from the color picker tool. Several pre-existing themes provided by the app are also there.

Apart from this, the app allows you to create custom wallpapers for your Microsoft Band. You just need to pick an image, and then crop it to fit the Band’s aspect ratio using the built-in editor.

Overall, X Band is an ultimate app that lets you give your Microsoft Band a little personalized touched. Several other features are in progress. Perhaps! We will be able to see them very soon.

Click here to download X Band for Microsoft Band from Windows Store

Sling TV

Popular television streaming service, Sling TV has just released an app for Windows 10 PC. Previously, the app was only available on Xbox One, but now you can you can enjoy your favourite TV shows and movies on your computer, from just about anywhere online.

You can choose from a handful of channel packages including cable favourites like AMC, Comedy Central, and ESPN etc. There are also several add-ons for sports, news, and Spanish programs, not to mention your premium movie channels like HBO and EPIX.

There’s no contract. You can cancel any time. Apart from this, there is a one week trial to see whether you like the service or not.

Sling TV lets you acess your account from just about anywhere. The company also offers apps for Roku, game consoles, TVs etc. So, you are not just limited to your computer screen.

Well, if you are not satisfied with your cable service and is planning to ditch it, its the great to do so.

Click here to download Sling TV from Windows Store


Remotr is an ultimate Windows 10 application that lets you create a video game server that lets you play your games remotely on any Windows 10 device. Once you Remotr streamer on any PC you want to become your game server, you can easily play any game on your Windows 10 PC, tablet or phone using the Remotr app for Windows 10.

The application not only works over a home network, but also over an internet connection. The app is optimized to provide smooth streaming and responsive controls, which will make you, feel that you’re playing it directly on your PC.

The utility offers onscreen controls for your games, with built-in presets fir popular titles and customizable options.

Apart from the Windows 10 apps for PC and Mobile, Remotr also makes apps for Android and iOS, for a seamless gaming environment.

Click here to download Remotr from Windows Store

Radiant Defense

Final entry in the list of ultimate Windows 10 apps is Radiant Defense, an ultimate tower defense game that will keep you occupied for hours.

No doubt there are many tower defense games on Windows 10 store, still very few live up-to user expectations. This game is certainly of such type. With its cartoonish arcade graphics and brightly-colored lasers and explosions, the game will make you feel like you’re watching a cartoon movie.

The game has you controlling human armaments to defend against an alien invasion. You can choose from nine different weapons, which you can build upgrade. Also, a couple of defences that you often don’t see in other games are also there.

Radiant Defense offers up-to 300 waves over 14 different mission connected by a running storyline told with dialogue panels. The game play is engaging! Visuals are impressive!

This impressive tower defense game is free to download, with optional in-app purchases.

Click here to download Radiant Defense from Windows Store

Our list of 5 ultimate Windows 10 apps ends here. We will come back with more such lists in our next posts.

Stay tuned for more such updates!

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5 ultimate Windows 10 apps you must try now
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5 ultimate Windows 10 apps you must try now
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