How to make a heart on Facebook

Do you know how to make a heart on Facebook? Facebook users can often see this symbol on status updates or in between various posts. If you are interested in applying this symbol to your own updates, then the process is quite simple. You can make a heart, symbol of care or love, in many ways.

Here’s how to make a heart on Facebook:

Making a heart symbol on Facebook is just a fun way to express your never-ending love, whether it is for your best friend or for someone special. Let’s have a roundup of all the ways to make this heart on Facebook.

  1. Create a pink color heart

Just enter <3 and press enter. Facebook heart shapeOnce the entered text is published, it will be shown as a pink colored heart.

  1. Create an emoji heart

To create an emoji heart you can make use of heart-shaped emoji. Yes, you read it right! There are some pre-typed heart emojis which you can use to express your feelings.

  • Chrome users will find these emojis as plain black squares, while Firefox, Safari or IE users will find them as plain black hearts.
  • To get started, all you need to do is just copy the plain square/heart you want to use and paste it into a post or comment.
  • Once you are done with posting your comment, the plain square/heart will automatically turn into one you used to express your feelings.

Check the list of pre-typed hearts. Just copy and paste them on Facebook.

  • Beating Heart–💓
  • Broken Heart– 💔
  • Sparkling Heart–💖
  • Growing Heart–💗
  • Heart with Arrow/ Fall in Love–💘
  • Blue Heart–💙
  • Green Heart–💚
  • Yellow Heart–💛
  • Red Heart–❤️
  • Purple Heart –💜
  • Heart with Ribbon–💝
  1. Make use of some old-school techniques
  • You can use the character Map on a PC: Using this technique, you’ll get access to an array of symbols, skulls, hearts and much more. To start off, just open Character Map and choose the symbol you like.
  • Facebook HeartYou can open Character Map just by navigating to start menu by looking under All Programs > Accessories and then System Tools. The trick works on Window XP, Windows 7 or 8.

Facebook heart shortcut

  • Make use of Alt codes: This tip to make a heart on Facebook works on most computers running Windows. To get started, simply hold the Alt key + 3, and when you post your status, the heart symbol appears. Isn’t it amazing?Facebook heart shortcut
  • For some machines, another combination of keyboard keys also works. Simply press Shift key and Insert key at the same time. This will show a heart symbol when you post your comment.

Sometimes symbols can better express your feelings instead of words. So make a heart on Facebook using above techniques and express your feelings the way you desire.

Wrapping up this tutorial here and hopefully it gave you a clear idea that how to make a heart on Facebook.

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How to make a heart on Facebook
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How to make a heart on Facebook
Making a heart symbol on Facebook is just a fun way to express love. Let’s have a roundup of all the ways to make a heart on Facebook.
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