iPhone 7 Event
iPhone 7 Event: here's all what you missed

Welcome aboard! The much awaited and buzzed product of this year iPhone 7 has made its way to the launch. The iPhone 7 event held on Wednesday, Sep 7 brought glimpse what the new iPhones flaunt. The event also gave a quick overview of many interesting upcoming products by the tech giant. Despite of so much going on throughout the event, what stole the show was none other than the iPhone 7.

First news of the event came actually from its Twitter feed, which announced the new iPhone before it was revealed on stage. During iPhone 7 event, Apple flaunted much of the new design. The company said that the phone has been extremely perfected to be as beautiful and clean as possible.

iPhone 7 already acclaimed the tag of the best phone ever made on multiple occasions. Having this heard before, that didn’t mean iPhone 7 launch event wasn’t welcome. Both the 4.7-inch iPhone and 5.5-inch iPhone plus were introduced in the confirmed color variants, along with some topping of the super glossy Jet Black and the bit more ordinary Black.

iphone 7 is now available

With around 25 percent brighter display, wide array of colors for color management and reproduction; this time the new models boasts antennas that are built into the chassis. This change automatically lessens the ugly look of the lines from the previous two versions of the phone.

Apart from an A10 Fusion chip, new stereo speakers, the phones got the water and dust resistance capabilities as well.

All in all, the thing that matters is – iPhone 7 event confirmed the new features and release date. You will soon be able to get your hands on Apple’s new flagship right away.

Main changes that Apple brought to iPhone 7 and presented at the iPhone 7 event are summarized below:

RIP headphone jack

iphone 7 ditches 3.5mm headphone jack

Knowing that the iPhone 7 event just passed, consumers are busy checking what’s new in there. For the fact, this one change is enough in itself and a big proof of the trust that consumers have in the iPhone. Apple announced removing 3.5mm jack months before, resulting in the included headphones working over Apple’s Lightning standard. Though the company believes that the Lightning is already an ideal audio standard, it will still be a little while before we come to know for sure if this was a great idea!

Welcome wireless headphones

wireless lightning earpods on-iphone 7

In an attempt to simplify the transition away from the analog audio, Apple developed its own standard to let wireless headphones connect to the new iPhones in a breeze. With the help of its own W1 chip, Apple designed AirPods, or EarPods, without wires. These EarPods are able to connect to the new iPhones without any need to pair like you generally do with a Bluetooth.

Sure iPhone 7 will be available soon, but the EarPods will arrive most likely around late October and cost consumers a price of $159 and. The new Beats headphones will also be available this gall and cost around $149-$299.

A touch Home button

iphone 7 touch home button

Another marquee feature presented in the iPhone 7 event is the new non-mechanical Home button. Yeah! The physical clicky Home button is now gone and replaced with a touch feedback with the Taptic Engine, like the one in Apple’s new MacBook trackpads.

Dedicated in providing the similar experience and ease with custom notification buzzes for messages, calls, etc; will the feature be as satisfying is still a question.

Mario for iOS

new mario run on ios

It’s not only Pokémon Go that is Nintendo’s only big mobile game launched this year. The Super Mario Bros creator, Shigeru Miyamoto caught the limelight of the launch event with Super Mario Run, a new instalment in Nintendo’s long-running Mario series.

The game brings some new mechanisms and changes, along with the multiplayer mode where players compete to collect coins on a map. The iPhone 7 event has confirmed the news but the game will be out sometime by the holidays. For now, it’d available for iOS only.

Dual camera with some treats

iphone 7 dual rear-facing cameras

The bigger iPhone version comes with two rear-facing cameras, yet you still can’t capture your beautiful moments in 3D. Each camera as instead a different focal length, that lets users choose between shooting photos with a wide angle or a telephoto lens. The two tricks include – Software Zoom and Depth.

The smaller and bit cheaper iPhone 7 has just one wide-angle camera. Fortunately, it still shows some improvements over the 6S. Apple has boasted a lot about the new cameras and their capabilities on the iPhone 7S, and that will be unveiled only this fall.

Apart from iPhones, major attractions of the event were the news regarding the second generation Apple Watch 2, macOS Sierra releasing this September 20, and iOS 10 making its way into the market next week.

Click here to know more macOS Sierra and iOS 10 release date!

Big thing is that iPhone 7 event stood successful, Apple launched the awaited iPhone 7 and you can experience the list of features on your own and judge Apple’s innovation and efforts accordingly over the next two weeks.

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iPhone 7 event: here's all what you missed
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iPhone 7 event: here's all what you missed
iPhone 7 event was held on September 7, to launch the new flagship - iPhone 7. The event also confirmed release dates for iOS 10 and macOS Sierra.
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