Enhance your PC Gaming Experience
Best ways to enhance your PC Gaming Experience

Are you not happy with your PC gaming performance? Are you tired of that dull interface and slow response when you play your favorite FPS or racing title? If yes, then you have arrived at the right post. Here, we’ve come up with a list of best ways to enhance your PC gaming experience. Let’s get started:

Best ways to enhance your PC Gaming Experience

Here are the best ways to enhance your PC Gaming Experience:

1. Overclock your video Card

This is regarded as one of the best ways to enhance your PC gaming performance. It’s pretty much simple to do and you don’t have to spend even a single buck. This method can improve your performance magically.

No! It doesn’t make an unplayable game playable. Still, it can make your game run a little smoother or look a little nicer.

You can also overclock your CPU, but i am not sure how much it’ll help!

2. Get great deals on games

get best sales
If we want to purchase some new PC game, Steam is the only name that comes in our mind. It is referred as the PC game hub, where you can buy every single title at a reasonable price. But, are you fully aware about the notorious Steam sales, where lot of strategies are employed to get the best possible price during the blowout week.

What most people don’t do is that they don’t look beyond Steam. I mean there are lots of places like Amazon, Gamefly, and other sites that offer you the best price. Just give them a try too!

3. Hook up a Gamepad

Hookup a Gamepad
Honestly! I always prefer mouse and keyboard while playing games on PC. Still, there are some games, which are better played with a gamepad (Of course the fight and racing games).

Even if the Xbox 360 is my personnel favourite, several other options are also there and they’re quite easy to set up. You can choose any of them. There are lot of games that actually support gamepads out of the box, still if any of your favourites doesn’t, you can go for a tool like JoyToKey (for Windows) or Joystick Mapper (for Mac). They’ll definitely work!

4. Backup (and Sync) your saved games

backup and sync your saved games
Ever had a hard disk failure with all your saved games on it? Or have you tried to play a game on other computer that didn’t have your progress on it? Surely, all of you will love to keep yourself away from such situations. Luckily there’s a way to do so!

Steam’s built-in Cloud feature can sync some of your saved games. However, the main problem is that it doesn’t work with every game. In such situation, you can opt for a tool like GameSave Manager, which can back up and sync your games with Dropbox. Apart from this, you can also save your games manually in Dropbox.

5. Play the Classics, even on a New PC

Play classics
No matter what kind of latest game you play on your PC, nothing can match the experience classic games offer!

Unfortunately! Many old games will not run directly on your PC. Some might run in Windows’ compatibility mode, while others may need a patch or two to work with.

In most of the cases, the publisher may even offer a patched version for free online. But if it still doesn’t work, you can use an emulator like DOSBox or ScummVM.

6. Roll your own Steam Machine with Big Picture Mode

Big Picture Mode
If you’re tired of sitting at your desk to play games and want to enjoy the couch potato comfort of console gaming with the tweak-ability of PC gaming, you’ll require a Steam Machine.

Steam Machines are not available for purchase yet, but don’t worry! You can turn an existing PC into a Steam Machine with Windows and Steam’s Big Picture mode. You’ll get to enjoy the huge game library of Windows with the couch-optimized Big Picture. You can even hook up a gamepad for the perfect couch experience.

Apart from this, you can install the SteamOS beta on your living room PC for a pure Steam Machine experience, with streaming features included.

7. Load Up on Mods

Mods are one of the best things about PC gaming. If you don’t like something about game, there are chances someone has created an installable mod to tweak it. They can make the game’s graphics look fab! Make the menus more usable! And even add new features and missions. It can even add modern features to retro games.

Modding every game is a little different. So, make sure to check out places like Nexus mods, Steam Workshop and ModDB for info on your favourite games.

8. Get some awesome hardware

Upgrade hardware
Want your gaming PC to perform better and have more responsive controls? Make sure to replace your hardware.

Want better and responsive controls? Get an awesome mouse and keyboard. Want better looking picture? Replace your monitor. Want to hear your games better? Get a great pair of headphones. If you play online, get a gaming headset or add an attachable microphone to your headphones. If your computer is too loud, keep the noise down with water cooling or controllable fans.

Replacing your hardware will ultimately enhance your PC gaming experience!

9. Tweak settings for Optimal Graphics (and Performance)

Tweak Optimal performance
In the end, no matter how many times you replace your hardware or use different softwares, the PC gaming performance isn’t going to improve unless you tweak setting for Optimal Graphics accordingly.

So make sure to adjust the settings in such a way that it offers you maximum performance you play the game on your PC. No doubt learning what each setting does may seem time consuming, still when you’ll figure out which ones cause the biggest performance hit and which ones can prove useful, it will make the whole process a lot easier.

Our list of the best ways to enhance your PC Gaming Experience ends here. So if you want to improve your PC Gaming experience a bit, you can opt for the above tips and tricks. They’ll definitely come handy!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Best ways to enhance your PC Gaming Experience
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Best ways to enhance your PC Gaming Experience
Here in this post, we've come up with the list of best ways to enhance your PC Gaming Experience, so that you can take your gaming experience to newer level
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