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Facebook is testing a new Twitter-like feature to boost conversations

We long thought that Snapchat is the only platform Facebook gets its inspiration from in coming up with new features. But that’s soon going to change as Facebook’s new Twitter-like feature is around the corner. The social media giant is working on adding a new functionality that will make it appear more like Twitter, of course.

The company is currently testing the experimental feature dubbed as “What friends are talking about”.

The feature is meant to get you and your friends engaged in conversations more often.

The new Twitter-like feature gathers a couple of recent posts from your friends and lists them in a dedicated section at the top of your news feed. This will eventually help you see in real-time that how many comments each entry has received.

The feature brings all missed updates from your friends and family, since the last login.

The main reason behind why the upcoming functionality is being taken as Twitter-like feature is that it immediately reminds you of Twitter’s own timeline where the several tweets from people you engage with the most are featured.

As is the case with most of the trials, this Twitter-like feature is available to a limited number of users only. So, need not be surprised if the Facebook Twitter-like feature does not shows up in your news feed.

Facebook testing a new feature

“What friends are talking about” appears in a dialogue box, hardly size of an image post. The feature was first spotted on Facebook app for Android.

Users on the other platforms might also have seen the feature, too.

Experimenting new features is nothing so strange about Facebook. Recently, the company has been testing autoplaying video with sound, along with its news algorithm to bring “more informative” content to you.

Now that the Twitter-like feature is meant to facilitate easy conversations between friends and family, most likely your most trusted Facebook contacts will be shown in the feature more often than others you haven’t talked to for the last few months, or years.

It’s obvious that not all tested features make to the light of the day; it will be interesting enough to see how Facebook picks posts that will show up in the new dedicated section.

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Facebook is testing a new Twitter-like feature to boost conversations
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Facebook is testing a new Twitter-like feature to boost conversations
Facebook is currently testing a new Twitter-like feature. The feature aims at making your conversations with friends and family better.
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