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Whop Up

Just got a chance to play Whop Up, a simple and addictive casual game from developer KeenuApps sister concern XportSoft Technologies. You know what! The game successfully lived up to my expectations, fulfilling every criterion that I should recommend it to other people. In short, the game is challenging enough to blow your mind and so amazing that you will get addicted to it!

I am mostly into FPS and car racing genre, and hardly play any casual game. But, when I learnt about the game’s increasing popularity, I decided to give a shot at it! Initially, I found it difficult to play, but after losing badly 3-4 times, I figured out how to play it (Thanks to the GIF tutorial attached within the game). Since then, I have been continuously playing it (played it till 2:30 am the day it was launched). Every time I play, I just feel an urge to beat my own score. It’s just going on and on and on…

That’s when I felt that I should write a review on Whop Up, so that more and more people can get their hands on this addictive time killer and feel the same experience I’ve had. Here, I will dig more details about the game. Let’s get started:

Whop Up major attractions

Whop Up major attractions
Here are some reasons you should get your hands on this wonderful game. Let’s have a look:

Simple and Easy to play

Some of you might find this game difficult at first, but once you’ve figured out the mechanism, the game is quite simple and pretty much fun to play

Lightweight app to run smooth on your device

Whop Up is just 14MB in size. This means you can easily install and play the game without affecting your system performance

Colourful and vivid HD graphics

What sets Whop Up apart from the other games in its category are its colourful and vivid HD graphics. Those beautiful sceneries in background just steal your heart. I must say the game has been beautifully designed

Amazing Color modes

The game packs a vast range of colour modes, ranging from daylight to night mode. This just keeps that versatility in the play.

Smooth and bubbly sound effects

That bubbly sounds featured in the game manages to keep you on track, when you play the game. BAM! You lose!

No ads

This is one of the best things I love about this game. It features no annoying ads, which distracts you from playing. So, you can play it with full attention.

Leaderboard to beat the best

If you’re looking for some thrill, you’re welcome here. Yes! The game features a Leaderboard that not only lets you see where you stand, but also offers you an opportunity to beat the best scores by others and be No.1!

How to play Whop Up?

How to play Whop up
The game is very simple to play. There are only two things which matter: First your accuracy i.e. when you tap and hold the ring, second is your timing i.e. when you release the ball to enter other moving circle. Here’s how to play Whop Up:

  • Tap and hold a ring to make its open end face any other ring
  • Release to move the ball from one ring to other
  • Repeat to go skyward
  • Remember! Touching the ring will end the game

There are additional stars which help you buy news balls.

Now all you need to do is to control the movement of the ball from one ring to other, going higher and higher to increase your score. Best of Luck!

Where can I play Whop Up?

At present, this smash hit game is available for Android and iOS. So, you can download it from the Play Store or iTunes app store. You just need to open Google Play App and enter the name of the game in search bar and hit search button. Now click on the app icon and tap install. Within few seconds/ minutes (depends on the speed of your internet connection), the game will be installed on your phone and you can enjoy it any time.

Click here, to download Whop Up for Android

Click here, to download Whop Up for iOS

How popular is Whop Up?

Just within a week of its release, Whop Up has reached the new heights of popularity. The game is getting excellent user reviews from all social platforms. Hundreds of downloads have been recorded on the Play Store and the App store. Apart from this the game is getting a lot of hype on social media, where users are sharing there scores and inspiring others people to beat the. Let’s have a look at one such Tweet:

These excellent user reviews speak themselves for the game’s popularity among users, who are not only accepting it, but also admiring it for it’s amazing gameplay.


You might’ve played many games on your mobile and you’ll continue to play furthermore in future, but Whop Up is different. It’s not just a simple casual game that you can play for time pass, but much more than that. The game is the best way to test your will power, patience, and focus. Here, you learn to overcome the obstacles and transform your weaknesses into strengths.

The game can help you to relax when you’re feeling stressed and concentrate on things more precisely. The game’s mechanism is itself a skill to master. You’ll get to learn a lot from this simple play!

A simple game that teaches you so many things and enhances your skills, Oh My God! It’s amazing.

So friends! Click the link and install the game on your Android smartphone. Just try the game yourself, you’ll feel the difference. No doubt! You may find it difficult at first, but that’s where the challenge lies. Once you’ve learnt how to play it, the game will be pretty much fun!

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Whop Up review: simple, challenging and addictive
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Whop Up review: simple, challenging and addictive
Whop Up is a smash-hit addictive game for Android and iOS from XportSoft Technologies, that is gaining a lot of popularity. Here we will review it in brief!
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