7 best Android Nougat tips and tricks to get started

For the users of the high-end compatible phones or tablets, Google’s latest operating system has come up with some goodies and treats…Android Nougat, which is now officially available. Now that Android 7.0 is released, we are here with the best Android Nougat tips and tricks to let you enjoy the most out of your settings.

Haven’t downloaded it yet? Don’t worry, read on our guide to download Android N and once done, enjoy these amazing Android Nougat tips and tricks.

Android Nougat tips and tricks:

  1. Access new Quick Settings toolbar

New Quick Settings toolbar in Android N

We all love Quick Settings feature, and Android Nougat just made it easier than ever to access. Right now with Android Marshmallow, you need to swipe down from the top of the screen show the screen with quick settings options. But with Android N, simply slide your finger along the top of the notification bar. Doing so will display a row of quick settings icons across the top of the screen. You can toggle options like GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and even the torch with the least effort.

Five icons are displayed at a time, so if you need to go through the entire selection, just tap the down arrow icon to the right to launch the layout you are already familiar with.

  1. Editing Quick Settings

Editing Quick Settings in Android Nougat

Another among the best Android Nougat tips and tricks is being able to edit settings. One thing that Google has sure inherited from different manufacturer interfaces is the ability to edit the quick settings. It allows you to only have the ones you use on display in the real-time. You can hide the rest of the icons you never have time for. Editing quick settings in Android Nougat is really easy.

Simply expand the quick setting screen to the full layout and now tap the “edit” icon in the bottom-right. Hello calculator shortcut!

You can also re-order icons by simple drag and drop, with the first five displayed in the reduced size quick settings row when you first swipe down. Make sure that only your favourite ones are in the first five spots.

  1. Clear all apps at once

Clear all apps at once

Seems like Google finally heard what the stock Android users have been long crying out for, for years and delivered that with Android. Next in our Android Nougat tips and tricks is the ability to clear multiple apps at once.

Launch the multi-tasking menu or Recents (as Google calls it), and when you scroll to your top car, “Clear Text” option will appear. Tap the option and it will close all the running or currently opened apps.

The feature is sure handy, yet we’d like to see it active all the time, not only when we scroll all the way to the top. Google may address the request before the final build arrives.

  1. App switching made faster


The Recents window comes handy for switching between apps, but sometimes you get stuck while switching between a couple or perhaps you accidentally tap home and now want to go back to the app you were just in. This issue is fixed in Android 7.0 Nougat and is definitely worth to be among the top Android Nougat tips and tricks.

Just a quick double tap of the Recents icon in the navigation bar takes you to your last app. Given so, the feature lets you quickly switch between two apps and instantly launch the app you just closed.

  1. Two at a time

Use two apps at a time

If you often find yourself flicking between the same two apps continuously then maybe you will find next our list of Android Nougat tips and tricks really useful. Double tap on the Recents icon seems to be quite cumbersome whenever you do so, but Android N comes with a fair treat here.

Now, just a long press on the Recents icon in the navigation bar is suffice, when you are using an app to snap it to the top half of the screen. In the bottom half, you can choose the other app from your currently open apps to snap below it for some side-by-side action.

To do so, both apps should be already running in the background. If your second app isn’t already open then you will need to come out of split screen mode and launch it first. Note that not all apps support split-screen mode.

For smartphones with smaller screen size, the feature seems bit limited as it’s not practically too comfortable to split two windows on a small screen. Yet, do the same on Pixel C or Nexus 9, and the feature will turn into a more useful option.

  1. Reply to messages without opening them

Android N - reply to messages

Opening app every now and then seems bit bothering, right? Especially when you are playing some game and you get a text, Facebook or WhatsApp notification. Thanks to this next among Android Nougat tips and tricks, you won’t be interrupted while enjoying your gaming sessions for long.

Reply to any message right from the notification. No need to open the particular app and no pop ups. Just tap on reply, type in your message, tap send, and then continue whatever you were doing, which is probably more important than opening the other app.

  1. The Easter Egg Game by Google

Android N - Google's Easter Egg game

We do love an Easter Egg, and the best thing is that Android N keeps up Google tradition of offering you something extra for your dedicated time to furiously tap the software version in the settings menu. So enjoy doing so and get a new amazing N logo. If you tap bit more and then hold down the screen, you will be launched into Google’s own Flappy Bird knock-off game. You might be first disappointed to see that it’s the same game presented with Marshmallow, yet check it out as it features new multiplayer mode.

Just tap on the (+) icon on top of the screen and challenge up to 5 friends at a time to play. The simply, yet additive time killer is a good treat.

So, these were the best Android Nougat tips and tricks to make you more familiar with the new operating system and your settings. Try on one or all and reach us in comments for your feedback.

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7 best Android Nougat tips and tricks to get started
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7 best Android Nougat tips and tricks to get started
Here we have come up with the collection of 7 best Android Nougat tips and tricks for you. Try them now to make the most out of your settings.
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