Android N Review
Android N review: super-smart operating system

Looking for Android N review? Well, why not first get a bit familiar with the news OS, and then get on with judgements. Google has finally launched the latest version of its Android OS, Android 7.0 Nougat. The Android OS has started rolling out to newer Nexus devices and is available as a free upgrade, only if you own any of the latest Nexus devices like the Nexus 6, 6P, 5X, Pixel C, or Nexus 9 tablet. It will take some time before the Android N OS finally arrives on other Android devices too.

Talking about Android N review, radically, Android N is not much different from its successor, Marshmallow, but it does includes some of the best user interface features like improved multitasking and quick reply to notifications. There are also some other tweaks that should make your Android device smoother, faster and secure.

Here we’ve come with this brief Android N review, where we’ll dig every single details about the latest operating system. Let’s get started:

 Here’s Android N review

Let’s have a sneak peek of the latest Android OS – Android N review:

Multitasking ANdroid N
Let’s begin talking about the newly included multitasking feature. With Nougat, Google finally released the feature that was expecting its arrival for a long time: split-screen support. What’s more exciting is that it also works on phone, instead of just on tablets.

The feature works quite simply:

  • Long press the square Overview button and your main Window slides up to the top or over to the left (depending on whether you’re holding your phone in portrait or landscape)

In the remaining space, you get the old multitasking view of your open apps. You can choose the one you want to or you can hit the home button to launch something else. You can also adjust the size of each window and switch between apps.

Every mobile device takes a little time to get used to multitasking. At first, everything will appear confusing but then things will start making sense. Similar is the case with Android Nougat’s split-screen feature. It’ll take some time before actually figuring out what’s actually happening there.

Once you get used to it, you can easily enjoy the feature. There are some apps, which don’t fully support split screen, while others display a warning. So you may face some issues while using the feature in some apps.

Chrome has a new menu option included, called Move to other window that lets you switch between browser windows, while browsing online. This means you can simultaneously open two browser windows side-by-side.

Another multitasking tweak, which I found really fascinating, is that when you double-tap the square button immediately, you’ll be immediately navigated to the last-used app. So, if you want to switch back to the previous app, there is no need to navigate to the multitasking view again and again.

Last but not the least, the number of apps appearing in the multitasking view has been reduced and clear all button have been added at the top of it. So, if you want to close the apps opened in background, you can choose to do it from there.

notifications panel
Apart from multitasking, one more significant change comes with notifications. Now, you can quick reply to messages right inside their notifications. The feature works exactly the same, as would expect:

  • When you get a message, drag down the card, tap reply and then type your message
  • Once the message is written, tap send

All this way, you don’t need to open the app. You can do it directly from the notifications panel.

Now, the notifications are displayed full-width on the screen, stacked right atop each other, instead of appearing as separated cards. Several other options are also there. Such as, you can bundle multiple alerts into a single notification, which can be expanded by dragging down on it. This is amazing!

You can also choose to quite noisy apps. For this:

  • Long-press an app! A notification option menu-will appear. From there you can choose to discard notifications for that app if you want to

You can also dismiss notifications by swiping them away.

Android Nougat also continues one of the best notification features from earlier versions. The notifications act the same way. No matter they’re in the notifications drawer, the lock screen or you’re seen them drop down from the top of your screen.

It must be noted that the above-mentioned features i.e. swiping to dismiss and consistent behaviour no matter where you’re seeing the notifications, are some of the features Apple has yet not used in iOS (not even in the upcoming iOS 10 beta). This means Android has a long way advantage in useful and constant notifications and the newly added features maintains that lead over its rival iOS.

Behind the screens
behind the screens
Till now we’ve only talked about Android N features we saw. Now we’ll talk about things, the gadget geeks are looking (but it’s highly important) for: A JIT complier for ART apps and support for the Vulkan API for 3D graphics. The first one will offer performance gains, while the second one help Android games look much better. Other tweaks like file-based encryption and some features for enterprise users have also been added!

The Doze mode introduced in previous Android 6 Marshmallow, have been improved. Previously it activated only if your phone or tablet was sitting idle on a table. Now it also kicks in when the screen is off, thus adding a little boost to your battery life.

Just like Google’s Chrome OS, future OS devices will ship with two storage partitions for the OS. This will allow Google to quietly send you a completely new OS and install it on the partition that isn’t running your phone. When it’s done and you’ll reboot your phone. You’ll see a completely new OS working while the older one sits there, waiting to be replaced with a newer upgrade.

This is indeed amazing! You can update to next OS, without affecting your working.

Here’s something more we have included in our Android N review. Let’s have a look.

Other Tweaks
Set keyboard theme
There are also some nips and tucks about the new Android N Review. The settings app is a bit more informative now. It shows the key details right on the main screen. A data saver feature is also there that lets you save data when you’re on a cellular connection. Also, you can change Google keyboard theme, decorating it with colors or even a photo. There are also more emoji with support for multiple skin tones.

The camera app has been cleaned out a bit. Now you just need to twist it like a screw-driver to switch between front and rear cam, when the camera is open. These tiny changes make your device more functional, without adding too much visual complexity.

One thing where the new Android OS lacks is Google Search feature. I still wonder that even after so much time, the tech giant fails to implement the feature effectively. It’s kind of a mess. Google Now on Tap is still frustrating! The feature is supposed to search what’s on the screen and return relevant results. However, what it returns is nothing most of the times! And pretty nonsense and irrelevant results sometimes!

Also, Google Search also seems quite lost and disconnected from the rest of operating system. What’s more frustrating is that the app don’t support split-screen, which means every time you search, the windows you’ve opened are banished to the multitasking screen. Let’s hope Google manages to improve the feature in upcoming updates!

Let’s have a look at what the device has got and where it needs improvement:

The Pros

  • Split screen
  • Consistent, multifunction notifications
  • Seamless updates

The Cons

  • Google search app is not up to the mark
  • There’s no idea when the existing devices will be updated


Seems like our Android N review has taken into consideration every single factor and elements of the new operating system. Overall, Android N is a super smart operating system. It offers you a set of new amazing features like split screen and quick reply to notifications, along with several improvement to features from previous Android versions. Apart from Google Search app issue, the OS appears fine to me, which i hope Google will resolve in upcoming updates. Yet another things is that it’s still not clear when will the latest Android OS arrive on other devices. Let’s hope it arrives soon. For now, Android N review end here on a good note.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Android N review: super-smart operating system
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Android N review: super-smart operating system
Here in this Android N review, we will study the latest iteration to the Android operating system in details, exploring even smaller details about the OS.
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