IFA 2016
IFA 2016

IFA 2016 is approaching near! Regarded as the biggest consumer electronics show in Europe, IFA is an annual rot of wearables, big TVs, jewel-toned washer-and-dryer sets and other cool gadgets. The Berlin-based trade show is the platform where some of the major names of electronics industry announce their key products.

Even though the show officially runs from September 4-7, still most of the big announcements came out between August 30 and September 1. Just like the previous year, we are expecting some of the major announcements from all leading electronics firms. Let’s see what we can expect from the leading companies at IFA 2016:

What to expect at IFA 2016

Here’s is what to expect at IFA 2016:

Right now, we are expecting a super-slim laptop from Taiwanese tech giant!

There are also chances that Acer can update its Liquid Jade Primo phone from last year. Acer has also announced a partnership with StarVR to create its own PC VR gaming headset; we may also expect to have a striking demo at this show.

Asus promises a Zenvolution at IFA 2016!

Last year’s IFA brought us the Zenfone Zoom and the Zenfone Max. However, this year ZenWatch has just got FCC approval. So we can expect a new Android Wear smartphone with a round display from Asus. There are also rumours that the company will be bringing new convertible laptops to the table.


Fitbit just revealed the Fitbit Charge 2 and Fitbit Flex 2. Both fitness trackers will be on display in Berlin. These modified fitness trackers are made of black textured rubber, with the smartwatch like Charge 2 offering a large display and the PurePulse heart-rate tracker from the Charge HR. The Fitbit Flex 2 is a swimmer-friendly, display-free tracker wristband.

As an official release for the HP Elite x3 Windows phone is approaching near, IFA event may see the launch for one of a very few high-end Windows phones in existence. New Spectre laptops may also be announced!


Huawei promises to defy expectations in its teaser video, but it doesn’t detail anything, not even a product category. As we’ve already seen Huawei’s flagship phones, the Huawei P9 and Honor 8 and its Matebook is quite fresh, it will be quite hard to guess what the company is planning to showcase in the event.

Huawei hasn’t updated its tablet or wearable line-ups for a while. Also it is doing relatively little in VR. So there are chances that Huawei’s announcement may fall under this category. There are also reports that an 8-inch MediaPad M3 tablet has received FCC approval. It can be a part of what’s coming.


From a recently released teaser video, Lenovo has cleared its intentions for IFA 2016. Right now, we can’t expect any new smartphone coming from the publisher. However, the video promises a new era in tablets, showcasing a tablet with some kind of very flat glass touch-screen keyboard. It can be related to the company’s long-rumoured Yoga Book, a convertible, Android powered laptop recently leaked few months back, but never surfaced on the market. Perhaps! The company was waiting for the dual-window functionality in Nougat and now as Android Nougat has arrived, it will announce the laptop in the event.

Apart from this, we’re also dying to see the final version of Lenovo’s Google Tango-equipped Phab2 Pro. One thing is pretty sure that we’ll get to see an array of updated laptops and Yoga tablets.


While some sites suggested that LG G Flex 3 will be launching at IFA 2016, we haven’t received any such confirmation yet. Perhaps! LG is keeps its slots empty for the launch of LG V20, the first phone running Android 7.0 Nougat, on September 6.

Right now, the only thing we can expect from LG at this show is more friends for the LG G5 smartphone. No doubt, LG G5 is modular, but it has only one add-on module right now. Perhaps! The company should think about it.

Apart from this, we must not forget that LG is the largest home entertainment provider. So chances are there that the company may announce some new TV model or its entry into the UHD player market. God knows, what the tech giant has planned for the show.

After the launch of the Verizon-exclusive Moto Z earlier this summer, the company had promised a global rollout in September. So we’re expecting to see the global variant of the Moto Z at IFA.

Motorola is also promising additional Moto Mods, the add-on functional backs attaching to the Moto Z. Current mods feature a projector, speaker and add-on battery. So, what’s next? It will be pretty much interesting to see.


The biggest announcement from the Galaxy smartphone maker will be the Gear S3 smartwatch. Rumours suggest a faster processor, more RAM and three different bezel designs. Still, there needs to be something different and punchier that can tempt people to upgrade their smartwatch from already popular Gear S2.

Apart from this, we may also expect some smart home announcements from tech giant. At previous year’s IFA, Samsung showcased SmartThings, a home hub system. Perhaps something like this comes from the company at this year’s IFA too. The company is also promising curved gaming monitors.


There are a lot of things we can expect from Sony this year. In home entertainment, we are looking for an UHD Blu-Ray player and streaming box, outbreaking some of the functionality we may expect from the upcoming PlayStation Neo. Talking about phone accessories, we can expect a flagship Xperia XZ or XR headset. Master leaker Evan Blass suggest that an Xperia X Compact is making its debut!

Our list of what we can expect at IFA 2016 ends here. Stay tuned for more updates!

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What to expect at IFA 2016
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What to expect at IFA 2016
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