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How to set Microsoft Edge as default browser

No doubts that Microsoft’s Edge browser has a long way to go before winning any “browser of the year” like awards, yet it’s still a much better browser after the changes brought by the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. For the fact, Edge is the only browser in the market supporting 1920×1080 pixel resolution Netflix playback. The latest improvements bring support for browser extensions, click-to-play Flash video, and a right-click history menu. So in simple words, it’s high time you consider setting Edge as default browser, especially if you are using Internet Explorer till date. Here’s what you have to do to make the switch.

Complete guide to setting Microsoft Edge as default browser:

Edge comes as a default web browser in the new Windows 10, so if you install one, you don’t need to do anything. But, if you switched to some other browser as your default browser sometime before, you will need to do some changes to bring back the Edge as default browser.

Open Edge browser with

    • To do so, just open Edge and click on the three-dot ellipsis (…) to access the menu button in the upper-right corner
    • Now click on Settings
    • At the top of the settings menu, you will find a button that reads Change my default, click on this button to open the Default apps menu in the settings app

Edge browser settings menu

  • Scroll down to Web browser, click your current web browser and select Microsoft Edge as default browser from the menu that pops up to switch between the browsers

You are done! Now, you have successfully set Edge as default browser.

Import bookmarks

One missing point about Edge is that it doesn’t support bookmarks yet, so you would need to import your bookmarks over to the new browser manually. To do so,

  • Click on menu button (…)
  • Go to Settings
  • Under Favorites, click on View favorite settings
  • You will see Import favorites option, tick the browser(s) you wish to import your bookmarks from
  • Click on Import

Note that Edge doesn’t support importing of bookmarks from an HTML file yet. If you want your bookmarks saved in HTML file, you need to first import them into a different browser, and then import them to Edge from that browser.

Setting homepage

Microsoft’s Edge offers four options for homepage. Microsoft Start page, a “new tab” page, pages from your previous sessions, and a specific page or group of pages. For setting your homepage,

  • Open Edge
  • Click on menu button (…)
  • Go to Settings
  • Select your option from the Open Microsoft Edge with menu

Set homepage in Edge

If you select New tab page, your homepage will be the same like your new tab page. You can also set your new tab page to some top sites or suggested content, or a blank page, right under the homepage option.

If you select a specific page or pages as your homepage, you need to type in or paste the URL of the page you wish to use as your homepage and then click on the save icon.

Homepage only displays when you open a new Edge window. So if you want to make your homepage handy, just add a home button to the Edge toolbar.

Change search engine

Alike other popular browsers, Edge also lets you perform web searches by simply typing into the address bar. The default search in Edge browser is Bing, and you can change it to any search engine of your choice that uses OpenSearch technology. Google, Yahoo, and even Yahoo and Facebook use OpenSearch tech. So you can them as your primary search engine when you set Edge as default browser.

To switch to another search engine, first of all you will need to visit the page of the search engine you wish to switch to. Now perform a search in Edge. Bit strange, but Edge should “discover” new search engines before you can set them as default ones.

Type in the address bar of the search engine you have selected, open the search engine’s homepage and search for anything. Once done, open the menu (…) and go to

Settings < View advanced settings < Change search engine

A list of the search engines that Edge has discovered will appear. It includes the search engines you just made the search in. In case you don’t find the search engine you just used in the list, chances are it doesn’t uses OpenSearch technology, and hence, not compatible with Edge.

Select the search engine you want to use and finally click on Set as default.

Add new extensions

Edge finally supports browser extensional now, thanks to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Though, only a couple of extensions are available as of now, including AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, Pinterest Pin It Button, and LastPass; more are set for arrival over the next few months.

To access extensions, open the menu and,

Go to Extensions < Get extensions from the Store.

Our complete guide on how to set Edge as default browser ends here. We hope you’d enjoy the additional guides and useful tips along. Reach us in comments for your feedback.

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How to set Microsoft Edge as default browser
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How to set Microsoft Edge as default browser
if you are looking for steps to set Microsoft Edge as default browser, check our complete guide. We have shown step-by-step procedure to do so.
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