Complete guide to get acquainted with iOS 10 Music app
Complete guide to get acquainted with iOS 10 Music app

Last year, the iPhone maker launched Apple Music along with a redesigned Music app, but unfortunately, the app was terrible.  It was not only hard to navigate but also was a bit confusing and lacking some key features. Now Apple has added a long list of features in iOS 10 and the latest OS comes with a completely redesigned Music app. So read on our complete guide to know the app better and get started with iOS 10 Music app.

Get to know iOS 10 Music App

iOS 10 Music app is far better and is more intuitive relative to last year’s version. Let’s have round up of all the improvisations in the iOS 10 Music app.

Easily navigate your library

Just after opening the Music app, you’ll find that the My Music tab doesn’t exist now. In spite of that, you’ll notice the new Library tab that includes your music collection stored on your smartphone as well as in your Apple Music account.

iOS 10 Music app

The new option allows you to quickly switch between sections and categories of your library just by hitting the big text buttons at the top. You can even scroll down to check the media files recently added to your account. In order to add, remove or customize the music categories, you can tap on Edit button resting in the top-right corner of your device’s screen.

One notable feature is that now you can easily check the music stored on your iPhone through a series of menus; simply tap on Downloaded Music.

For You seems to be smarter

In iOS 10 Music app, the For You tab also gives a totally new feel. In spite the massive banners the earlier version of Music app showed, you’ll now find a side-scrolling list of albums.

iOS 10 Music app

At the top where you can see recently played items, just below that now you can find curated playlists based on the day of a week.  As you go on with scrolling through this section, you’ll find your heavy rotation albums, radio stations, artists or playlists and added recommendations based in your music profile.

On top of that, Apple’s Connect service which allows artists to post music and videos, updates and, more is now placed towards the bottom of the For You section. You can use it only if you’re into sort of such things.

New is now under Browse tab

The iOS 10 Music app comes with many more improvements. If you want to check the latest albums of a week, you have to tap on the Browse tab.

Simply scroll through the image previews of albums at the top of your screen to check the latest albums. You can also hit one of the text buttons to check Top Charts & Genres, New Music and Curated Playlists.

Minor change in Radio

The Radio tab is still titled by Beats 1. You can still find older shows to enjoy though the Radio tab. The only big difference in iOS 10 Music app’s Radio section is that you need to hit the View All Stations tab in order to see featured stations outside of Beats 1.

Don’t miss to check the Settings app

The Settings app includes some key settings surrounding Music, which allows you to choose whether the Music app can add a song to your library or not after adding a playlist.

iOS 10 Music app

Besides that, you can now allow your iOS 10-supported smartphone to download content that you have added to your library, even if you have stored that on another device.

Users who are worried about such a feature cluttering your device by taking up a lot of space, you can now advise iOS 10 that how much space you need downloaded music to take up. In case you get close to the specified limit, Apple’s latest operating system will automatically delete the music files you have not listened to for a long time.

Last but not the least improvement

While listening to music you can keep browsing through your library or Apple Music. Moreover, you can even control your music using controls placed just above the bottom of your device’s screen.

iOS 10 Music app

By tapping on the controls bar, your device will open the Now Playing screen, allowing you to skip, pause or add a song to your library. You can even scroll down and check what’s Up Next.

iOS 10 Music app also comes with a handy option that allows you to view Lyrics for whatever music is currently playing. Start off by scrolling down to the Up Next section or tap on the hamburger button > Lyrics.

At present, Lyrics may hit or miss – according to the situation that what songs are available for you, but it is expected that Apple will add lyrics throughout the beta process.

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Complete guide to getting started with iOS 10 Music app
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Complete guide to getting started with iOS 10 Music app
iOS 10 Music app is far better and is more intuitive relative to last year’s version. Let’s have round up of all the improvisations.
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