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Google ditching Nexus brand name from its upcoming phones

Latest reports reveal that Google is dropping the popular Nexus brand name from its upcoming phones. Yes, you heard it right! Working as a smartphone makers by the side, Google is planning to move away from stock Android.

Given so, Google’s upcoming smartphones won’t be Nexus tagged devices at all. Talking about the devices in the list, Nexus brand name is set to be dropped off from its two upcoming, HTC-made smartphones.

The company is in fact, expected to promote the devices under a new different name. For this, Google would most likely lean on Google brand in the process. The latest news reminds of the recent rumors regarding the upcoming devices, codenamed as “Marlin” and “Sailfish”.


Earlier this month, rumors surfaced that Google may remove the Nexus brand name from the phones and might replace it with a “G” logo, instead. It’s still not clear as to what next move the company will take. Google has spent a decent long time marketing the Nexus brand name as a hardware entity while reserving its own name for software services.

It is sure that the two upcoming devices will come in 5-inch and 5.5-inch screen sizes, a small downsize from the existing 5X and 6P.

The shift here isn’t only symbolic. Reports state that Google will not only just strip the Nexus brand name from its next phones, but will also load the two devices with an exclusive version of Android Nougat. The new version is definitely a contrast to the standard “vanilla” version of the operating system that shipped with the past and existing Nexus devices.

What these new changes would be or what new additions will be introduced by Google is still in the clouds. But one thing is clear from the Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s statement in June,

“You’ll see us hopefully add more features on top of Android on Nexus phones, There’s a lot of software innovation to be had.”

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Google ditching Nexus brand name from its upcoming phones
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Google ditching Nexus brand name from its upcoming phones
Google is reportedly ditching Nexus brand name from its upcoming phones. It will also ship a special version of Android Nougat with the next phones.
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