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Twitter will soon support keyword filters to combat online harassment

Twitter seems to be serious this time on maintaining the privacy of its users and making sure that the users don’t suffer online bully. For this, the social platform will soon support keyword filters in order to combat online harassment cases.

The new tool is company’s latest effort to fight against online harassment that usually targets its high-profile users. For the fact, celebs on Twitter often suffer such situations on Twitter and that is why Twitter is finally up with a solution.

The case has gone so bad on Twitter that some of the users have opted not to ever read their mentions, whereas many are driven to log off the network forever. Now, Twitter is ready to address the issue with its new anti-harassment tool.

Reports reveal that Twitter is working on a new feature that would let users to filter specific keywords from their timeline and mentions. This anti-harassment keyword filter feature has been in the workarounds for more than a year.

Once released, it will enable users with the ability to block specifically offensive words and slurs.

Twitter’s new tool is its latest push to control online harassment on its social platform. Earlier, Twitter simplified procedure for users to report a string of offensive tweets. The new feature still comes out as the most control the company has ever provided to its users in combat against harassment.

Apart from it, new keyword filters could expand to turn into a general moderation tool. They may allow users with the power to block entire hashtags, not necessarily because they find them offensive.

You saw a somewhat similar tool earlier this summer, introduced by Instagram for its high-profile users and businesses. The keyword filters by Instagram were aimed at filtering out certain keywords in users’ comments.

Sources reveal, Instagram’s moderation tool hasn’t been all-catching, however. Trolls have found a way to outsmart it at times by misspelling certain slurs.

How keyword filters by Twitter fits in

Twitter has been at an all-time high over the past few months considering the online harassment scenario. This has given the platform an unflattering reputation as a source of trolls and haters. Even some popular sources called Twitter as a “honeypot for assholes”; given the way it prioritized free speech, even when it’s hateful.

As a result, the company suffered the consequences. Many journalists and celebs have nothing but quit Twitter after suffering being the targets of online abuse and trolls. Now this is definitely something you’d want when your company is going through years of dull user growth. Moreover, Twitter has been criticized for being quick enough in banning users who posted unauthorized Olympics GIFs, yet failing to ban known trolls and offensive accounts again.

Curbing such harassment has become a first priority task for Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Maybe, just maybe new keywords filters may help the stagnant social network regain its reputation as a secure and open platform for all.

Twitter is expected to unveil more initiatives regarding the matter, later this year.

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Twitter will soon support keyword filters to combat online harassment
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Twitter will soon support keyword filters to combat online harassment
Twitter is working on new keyword filters in order to combat against the online harassment and abuse on its social platform.
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