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The best Gmail for Android tips and tricks

Most of you might be using Gmail for Android, still a very few are aware with the really cool things you can do with the app. So, in order to help you get more familiar with the app, here we have come with useful post, where we’ll discuss the best tips and tricks for Gmail for Android. Let’s have a look:

Best Gmail for Android tips and tricks

Here are the best Gmail for Android tips and tricks:

1. Create a widget
Gmail Widget
You might love them or hate them but you can’t resist yourself from using them. Emails widgets can be a time-saver. Instead of entering the Gmail app again and again to view your latest messages, set up a widget on one of your home screens to see them at a glance.

Setting up an Email widget is quite easy. You just need to:

  • Tap and hold on an empty space on your home screen, the option to insert a widget will appear
  • Scroll through the widget list to find the Gmail widget
  • Tap and hold the widget, and drag it onto an available home screen

When you let it go, you’ll be prompted to choose the account and inbox that the widget will display.

You can also resize the widget. You just need to tap and hold it. Buttons will appear on each side, which you can drag to expand or contract the object.

2. Insert attachments direct from Drive
Insert attachments direct from drive
You can also attach files directly from Google Drive, if you don’t have a file on your phone to be able to attach it in an email. To do so:

  • Compose a message as you normally do from your Gmail app
  • When you hit the attach (paperclip) button, select insert from Drive

You’ll be navigated to your Google Drive folder, where you can select any file and insert it directly into the email. You just need to find the required file, tap it, and then hit select.

3. See more of your Inbox

There’s an easy way, you can get a better overview of what’s going on in your inbox. No! It wouldn’t affect the number of emails, it will only mean that more preview text is available, which means you can easily see the content of your emails at a glance. The only issue is that you’ll no longer see a display picture from the sender.

To use the feature:

  • Tap the More(three lines) icon at the top left of the app
  • Scroll down and tap settings
  • Tap general settings
  • Untick sender image

4. Merge your inboxes
merge your inboxes
You can also merge the inboxes from several Google accounts, which means you can see your personal and office emails together in one place on your headset.

To use the feature:

  • Add new accounts via the drop-down menu on the left directly below your avatar

Once you’ve entered the correct login details, a new All inboxes entry appears in the left-hand panel, letting you see all your mails together. You can also switch between your individual accounts using the drop-down menu above All Inboxes.

5. Take quick actions
take your quick actions
Within the Gmail app for Android, you’ll find quick ways of performing tasks that make it quite easier to work your way through an email backlog. You can swipe emails left or right to archive them, or tap the profile picture to select multiple messages at once.

When the messages are selected in this way, a number of actions will appear at the top of the screen such as archive, delete and mark as read. Other options (like label changes) are also accessible via the more menu (three vertical dots).

6. Mute conversations
Mute conversations
While on the go, you’ll like to ensure that only the most important messages show up inside Gmail. Just like the Gmail on the web, The Gmail app for Android app also includes a Mute feature, that lets you automatically archive conversations, you don’t want to see.

To do so from the Gmail app for Android:

  • Tap inside a conversation
  • Tap on the More menu
  • Choose Mute from the list that appears

Your action have been successfully applied. You can retrieve the archived conversations through a search of label filter when you need them.

7. Search smarter
Search Smarter
The search function inside the app might look simple to you, but don’t let appearances deceive you! The function is capable of performing all the tasks as the one on the web does. Don’t believe my words! Try entering “older_than:1yor “older_than:1d” in the search box. It will display the messages more than a year or a day old in your Gmail.

Apart from this Google also provides a handy list of search operators. Just about all of them work for both the Gmail app and Gmail on the web. Pretty impressive way to search your mails!

8. Solve sync problems
Solve sync problems
One of the most common problems you may face in your Gmail account is that your messages are not syncing correctly.

You can navigate to Settings and tap through to see which Google accounts are associated with your device. Tap on anyone to ensure that Gmail syncing is enabled.

Within the Gmail for Android app, you can choose Settings from the menu and tap your email addresses to check your messages are set to sync. From here, you can also configure how many days of email are cached and which labels are included. If the problems still persist, try to disconnect and then reconnect your Gmail account, or uninstall and reinstall the app.

9. Train Gmail to sort your mail
train Gmail to sort mails
Gmail showcases a variety of inboxes to classify your mails easily: Priority Inbox, Inbox, Spam and so on. However, there is a possibility that your priority mails can end up in the Spam folder and vice versa. So, you’ll need to train Gmail to sort your mail in the appropriate folder.

For example, if you find an unnecessary mail in the Priority inbox folder, select the Settings in the top right-hand corner and select Mark as not important. Similarly, if you find an important email in Spam, hit the overflow menu and select Mark important or Report not spam. Same settings may apply for the other folders too.

10. Auto advance your way through
Auto advance
Auto advance is indeed very useful feature if you’ve to work through a lot of emails at once. It saves your time to head back to the inbox page when you’ve archived or deleted a message thread, because the app automatically takes you to the next email in the pile.

In case you want to activate it in the Gmail app for Android, then:

  • Tap settings from the app menu and choose General Settings
  • Select Auto-advance

The dialog box that appears in the screen lets you choose whether you want to jump to a newer message, an older message or back to the conversation list.

Our list of the best Gmail for Android tips and tricks ends here. Stay tuned for more updates!

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The best Gmail for Android tips and tricks
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The best Gmail for Android tips and tricks
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