Snapchat Filters in Instagram Stories
Here’s how to use Snapchat Filters in Instagram Stories

Toward the beginning of August, Instagram showed up with “Stories,” another element the social network stated as a medium that would give users a chance to share every moment of your day, and not just the ones you need to keep posted on your profile. What the platform failed to say, nonetheless, was that a closely identical feature already exists somewhere else… on Snapchat. Yes, and you can even use Snapchat Filters in Instagram Stories. Interested? Read on.

Taking after the announcement, a great many people, including us, made precisely that point. Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s CEO, accepted as much, yet argued it was about style, not substance.

“This isn’t about who invented something,” he said in a statement.

“This is about a format, and how you take it to a network and put your own spin on it,” Kevin added.

In any case, as is turns out, the similarities aren’t as a matter of course a terrible thing, since it implies you can be sluggish as hell. (As such, the best way of living.) The trick lies in transferring the stories you’ve posted on Snapchat directly on Instagram – a hack made simple by the way that you can download individual Snapchat stories to your camera roll.

Not just would you be able to take the majority of Snapchat’s filters for Instagram, you likewise don’t need to think of new stuff for every platform. It’s simple! You can easily use Snapchat Filters in Instagram Stories and here we are going to mention the step-by-step guide to do so.

Go to Settings < Memories < Save To

Note: Forget not to ensure that the option to save Stories to your camera roll is turned on.

Using Snapchat Filters in Instagram Stories:

Memories option in Settings

    • Click a photo or shoot a video and add it to your story

Take a photo or video in Snapchat

    • Tap the Save button on the videos or photos you wish to add to your story. Fortunately, it works well when you save each one separately instead of saving entire Story.)

Save photo or video to story

    • Now open your Instagram account and head to Stories button

Select Original content

  • Pull down the photo menu and select your Original content
  • Hurray! You are all set to go. Now you are the one master of your personal brand.

Instagram might likely say something about whether or not the platform has come up with a Snapchat’s clone. For now, at least you can use it to your benefit for quick and two-in-one treat.

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 How to use Snapchat Filters in Instagram Stories
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How to use Snapchat Filters in Instagram Stories
You can use Snapchat Filters in Instagram Stories using our quick guide. Doing so will save you time and effort, so read on the article and enjoy.
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