Apple new emojis
Apple new emojis represents these 5 professions

Yes we know that Apple doesn’t get to choose what new emojis should be officially created – that’s Unicode’s job, but owing to worldwide use of Apple’s iPhones, it certainly got to have some say. So if you are a female painter or a male astronaut then Apple has your back! Apple new emojis are waiting for permission by Unicode Consortium and will be on their way soon.

Spotted by a reliable source, the company has laid a request for female and male variations for 5 Apple new emojis to be added to the coming Unicode update.

Apple new emojis collection of 5 professions represents a pilot, a fire-fighter, an artist, a judge, and an astronaut.

Apple earlier indicated its desire to add some new emojis, but now we finally have examples of what Apple new emojis could likely look like.

If you are not familiar with the authority name, the Unicode Consortium is a non-profit organisation that standardizes all characters and symbols online, thus, creating the Unicode Standard.





The last major Unicode update we saw was version 9.0, which led to hubbub, credit goes to the addition of the avocado and bacon emoji.

Source reveals that Emoji 4.0, the upcoming update which might comprise of Apple new emojis, should arrive sometime in November.

So you are likely to get our hands on the new interesting emojis on your phones near the end of this year or maybe early in 2017. What the Consortium aims at is to assign a unique number to every character or symbol online so that they can appear across all software and devices, irrespective of what the platform, whatever the program, and whatsoever the language.

In simple words, when you send a sweet love heart emoji to your friend from an iOS smartphone to an Android, they just don’t want you to see that bothering white box.

Apple has always been ahead of the line when it all comes down to inclusive emoji. In the beginning of August, the company announced the iOS 10 to arrive with female versions of surfer, runner, and basketball player, along with the other characters.

If you are some other profession and feel that you deserve your own kind of emoji, you can also pitch your request to Unicode.

For now, it’s Apple new emojis, which are talk of the emoji town.

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Apple new emojis represent these 5 professions
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Apple new emojis represent these 5 professions
Apple new emojis may soon arrive in November. They represents 5 professions including pilot, a fire-fighter, an artist, a judge, and an astronaut.
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