Complete guide to remove unwanted apps from Windows 10
Complete guide to remove unwanted apps from Windows 10

Windows 10 comes pre-loaded with an array of apps. While these apps don’t eat much space of your system’s hard drive, they do make your Start menu a little messy. If you want to get rid of this entire clutter, just follow the guide below and remove unwanted apps from Windows 10 Start menu.

Here’s our complete guide to remove unwanted apps from Windows 10

Some Windows 10 default apps can be easily uninstalled from the Start menu. To get started, simply find the app you want to remove in the Start menu and just right click on it. Now select Uninstall option from the drop-down menu that comes out.But some apps like Mail, Calendar, Camera, Xbox, Store, Photos, People, Weather and Calculator cannot be removed the normal way– you have to uninstall those using some specific and PowerShell commands.  Read on to know how to do it.


  • Open the Start Menu and navigate to All apps > Windows PowerShell

Windows 10

  • Select Run as administrator from the drop-down menu by right clicking the Window PowerShell
  • You will be asked to allow the app, you want to remove, to make changes to your computer
  • Hit Yes to proceed further

Windows 10 PowerShell

  • Now type ‘Get-AppxPackage *windowscamera* | Remove-AppxPackage’ command in the PowerShell prompt window to uninstall the Camera app
  • After typing the said command, press Enter to complete the process

To uninstall other unwanted apps from Windows 10, use the same command but swap windowscamera with the following text:

  • For uninstalling Alarms & Clock: windowsalarms
  • For uninstalling Calculator: windowscalculator
  • For uninstalling 3D Builder: 3dbuilder
  • For uninstalling Calendar & Mail: windowscommunicationsapps
  • For uninstalling Groove Music: zunemusic
  • For uninstalling Photos: photos
  • For uninstalling OneNote: onenote
  • For uninstalling Maps app: windowsmaps
  • For uninstalling People: people
  • For uninstalling Movies and TV: zunevideo
  • For uninstalling Xbox: xboxapp
  • For uninstalling Voice Recorder app:soundrecorder
  • Last but not the least, for uninstalling Store: windowsstore

Note: Some of these apps are intensely incorporated with Windows 10 and uninstalling them might create issues. So be cautious regarding the app you choose to remove.

Bonus Tip: Some Windows 10 apps, including Cortana, Windows Feedback and Microsoft Edge can’t be removed at all. So don’t just put your efforts on uninstalling those.

Get removed Windows 10 apps back

Read on the step-to-step guide below in case you want to reinstall the deleted apps. You can do so using a special PS command.

  • Open PowerShell in administrative mode
  • Copy and paste “Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers| Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}” into the prompt and hit Enter
  • The process will take a while
  • Once done, all the pre-loaded Windows 10 apps will get back to the Start menu

That’s it! Now, if you want to remove unwanted apps from Windows 10 or get them back, you can easily do it by following the above guide.

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Complete guide to remove unwanted apps from Windows 10
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Complete guide to remove unwanted apps from Windows 10
Windows 10 comes pre-loaded with a number of apps that you may not want sometimes. Here’s our complete guide to remove unwanted apps from Windows 10.
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