Hidden Android features
Hidden Android features

Many of us own Android devices, still we are not fully aware of what they are capable of? There are many features that remain hidden and we know nothing about them. These hidden Android features can boost the capabilities of your smartphone beyond limits and bring you an incredible and entirely different Android experience. All you need is to know them and unlock them on your device. Here, we’ve come up with the list of 5 ultimate hidden Android features you must use. Let’s get started:

Ultimate hidden Android features:

  1. Screen Recording

screen recording
Over many years, Android users relied on rooting their devices to get more advanced features. However, over the time Android has brought more and more advanced features, thus making root less of a necessity. One such feature is screen recording, the new feature which has freshly debuted on Android.

Screen recording is simply an mp4 video file of what’s happening on your screen for the duration of the capture.

There is no native tool in Android to capture screen recording. However, you can choose from tons of third party apps, available in the Play Store.

  1. Set your system animations to warp speed

Change animation speed
Over the time, Android devices have become faster than they used to be. Still, you can make your experience feel even zippier with one simple tweak. Android devices contain a hidden developer options menu, which you can enable by following some simple steps mentioned below:

  • Go to main system settings
  • Navigate to About > Software Information > More > Build number
  • Tap on the build number multiple times, until a small message appears at the bottom confirming that you’re a developer

This will turn on the Developer Options back in the main settings list. Now head back to the main settings and open it up. Now scroll down to Drawing and locate Windows Animation scale, Transition animation scale, and animator duration scale. These all are set to 1x by default. You can set the speed as per you wish and experience snappier interface.

Gentle Reminder

The developer option comes with a plenty of interesting features. However, you can also mess things up. So don’t change a setting unless you’re completely aware of it.

  1. Unlock your smartphone faster with Smart Lock

smart lock
Securing your device is important, but this doesn’t mean you need to encounter that lock screen, every time you want to unlock it. Now the latest Android devices come with Smart Lock feature that lets you unlock your device without any need to enter a pattern or password. All you need is to:

  • Navigate to the main settings menu
  • Tap Security
  • Tap Smart Lock

Now you’ll be prompted to confirm the saved pattern. After saved the pattern, you’ll be navigated to a menu featuring various options. You can choose from Trusted device (lets you use personal devices like watch to unlock your smartphone), Trusted face (your phone will remain unlocked at certain locations), Trusted face (You can unlock your phone with your face) and On-body detection (Your phone will remain unlocked when you touch it).

Remember, you may find some options handy, but they aren’t so secure. While there are others, which are secure but may not work effectively in certain conditions. So it’s important to choose the option that fits your every need.

  1. Don’t just monitor data usage but Control it

Save data
Data usage is one of the major concerns every Android user faces. We often need some applications that help you to watch over your mobile data consumption closely. Android has a built-in tool that lets you conserve mobile data usage, but many users are not aware about it.

You can find the Data Usage menu near the top of your system settings list. You can also access it via the network strength icon in Quick settings. Now, you just need to use the sliders on the usage chart to set your data limits for your chosen billing cycle.

  1. Use Wi-Fi Direct for quick file transfers

Wi-Fi Direct
Transferring files quickly between two Android devices may seem quite annoying. Native Android features like Android Beam provide a reliable solution to this problem. You can easily transfer the files by:

  • Hold together two NFC-enabled devices (Android 4.1 or later) and transfer files using a Bluetooth link

However, Android Beam has its own limitations. The transfer speeds are capped by Bluetooth link and the file type support is limited.

That’s when the Wi-Fi Direct feature comes handy. It is exactly what it seems: a protocol that creates a direct connection between two devices via Wi-Fi. All you need is to choose a suitable app to make use of the feature. There are plenty of such apps available in the market. (SuperBeam is the most powerful) You can choose anyone you find handy.

Our list of ultimate hidden Android features that you must be using ends here. Now it’s time to grab an Android Smartphone, apply above-mentioned hidden features and unleash the hidden capabilities of your devices. Enjoy!

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5 ultimate hidden Android features you must use
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5 ultimate hidden Android features you must use
Here, this post we've come up with the list of ultimate hidden Android features that will push the capabilities of your Smartphone beyond limits and grant you with a remarkable smartphone experience.
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