install extensions in Microsoft Edge
How to install extensions in Microsoft Edge

Thanks to Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft Edge now supports browser extensions for real. You can install extensions in Microsoft Edge from the Windows Store, though, only a few are available until now.

Microsoft will be soon releasing a tool which will be capable of easily converting existing Chrome extensions automatically to Edge extensions, given the similarity between the two. Reports also suggest that Mozilla Firefox’s new extension framework will also be somewhat more like Chrome, as well.

Now that you know the good news, let’s get started with the guide to installing the new extensions in the Microsoft’s own latest browser.

Quick guide to install extensions in Microsoft Edge

  • If you wish to install extensions in Microsoft Edge.
  • Open the Edge web browser.
  • Click/tap the menu button visible in the top-right corner of the window.
  • Select Extensions.

Menu button in Edge browser

(If you can’t find the Extensions option in the list here, it implies that you haven’t yet upgraded to Windows 10 Anniversary Update)

  • Now you will see the Extensions panel, where you can find the entire list of your all installed extensions. Click/tap on the “Get Extensions from the Store”. Windows Store will open with a new page listing all available Edge extensions.

The available list of extensions that you can install in Edge browser as of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, includes Adblock, Adblock Plus, Evernote Web Clipper, Office Online, LastPass, Amazon Assistant, Mouse Gestures, Page Analyzer, Reddit Enhancement Suite, Pin It Button (for Pinterest), OneNote Web Clipper, Translate, and Save to Pocket.

List of extensions for Microsoft Edge

To download and install extensions in Microsoft Edge,

    • Select the desired extension from the list.
    • Click/tap on the “Free” button on the extension’s page to download it.
    • Now the Windows Store will automatically download the selected extension to your computer and even install it in Edge browser itself. As soon as any updates are available, Windows Store will automatically download and install extensions in Microsoft Edge browser.

Install extensions in Microsoft Edge

  • Now go back to Microsoft Edge and you will find a pop-up asking if you wish to enable the extension and allow the permission it requires. Click/tap “Turn it On” to enable the selected extension.

Enable new extension in Microsoft Edge

And you are done with your guide to install extensions in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft is pushing hard to give Edge’s extension array a major kick-start by simplifying it for developers to port their existing Chrome extensions over. Seeing so, more Edge browser extensions should be ready to make their way to the Windows Store soon.

Got more suggestions to install extensions in Microsoft Edge? Share how’d you like our handy guide in comments below.

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How to install extensions in Microsoft Edge
here is our quick guide on how to install extensions in Microsoft Edge browser. You get install available extensions in Edge from the Windows Store.
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