Vietnam bans Pokémon Go
Vietnam bans Pokémon Go

To ensure citizen security, Vietnam bans Pokémon Go players, from its government offices and defense locations. The government has taken this serious step to protect citizens from addicted gamers, who get swept in the hysteria to catch virtual cartoon characters, while caring a little for their own security or the security of others in the real world.

Since the game’s August 6 launch in Vietnam, hundreds of thousands of players have downloaded it from play store. Also, many players are annotating the Google version of the country’s map to aid their quest, said the Information and Communications Ministry in a statement.

“People should avoid playing the game near or inside the areas of government offices, the military and national defense sites, and other restricted areas,” the ministry said.

Players engrossed in the game may run into trouble at spots like highways, airports, rivers, railways, lakes and mountains. Risk of losing personal information is also there, the ministry further added.

“Playing Pokémon Go while in traffic causes more bad than good influence on people,” said Captain Nguyen Min Duc of the Hanoi traffic police in his statement to an online forum yesterday.

“Such players not only risk their own lives, but also the lives of others to satisfy their quest for the game,” Duc further added.

Pokémon Go is in news since its release in the U.S last month. Record breaking downloads were seen on the Play Store. Millions of users have downloaded the game until now.

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The game uses augmented reality and Google mapping to make animated characters appear in the real world, overlaid on the nearby landscape viewed through player’s mobile phone cameras. It’s so exciting to see your favorite Pokémon mounted in the real world. Perhaps! This is the key reason for the game’s increasing popularity.

However, the game also saw many controversies, as many gamers put themselves in trouble while playing this epic Pokémon quest. They were so lost in the game that they didn’t know they were robbed or they had stumbled upon into dangerous places. Several safety warnings were also released after this and now in response to these controversies, Vietnam bans Pokémon Go players from entering government offices and defense locations.

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Last week, the neighboring country Cambodia, also banned the game from a former Khmer Rouge torture center and prison, now a genocide museum, after several Pokémon Go players arrived at the side, hunting for Pokémon characters.

Thailand is also planning to ban the game from several spots like the Royal Palace grounds, Buddhist temples and hospitals.

Given the game’s previous record and the controversies , the decision that Vietnam bans Pokémon Go from its government offices and defense sites seems somewhat relieving for the government authorities, at least.

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Vietnam bans Pokémon Go at government and defense sites
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Vietnam bans Pokémon Go at government and defense sites
Vietnam bans Pokémon Go at government and defense sites. From now on, the players can't play the game at government offices and defense locations.
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