How to get Chrome new tab page powered by Google Now

If you are looking for the quickest way to get Chrome new tab page powered by Google Now, you are just at the right place. Using our guide, you can access the new tab page in the developer version of the Chrome app before the arrival of the stable channel.

Google just updated its Chrome Dev app for Android last week. Given the update, now the app offers a fascinating glimpse at possible changes to Chrome new tab page.

If you have so long come to depend on the personalized alerts in Google Now and Google’s own app’s suggestions, then you would likely welcome them in Chrome. It’s great especially if you go for the browser more often than the search app.

The Chrome Beta app already offers a couple of personalization options for the new tab page, yet the updated Chrome Dev app covers more than that. The best thing about the update is the two new options powered by Google Now.

Here’s how to get Chrome new tab page:

  • Open the Chrome Dev app. Go to chrome://flags.
  • Head to Show content snippets on the New Tab Page.
  • Now from the drop-down menu, select Enabled via content suggestion server (which is backed by Google Now).

Note: There is another, non-personalized Google Now option though you obviously know how useful Google Now suggestions become if not personalized.

  • Tap on the blue Relaunch Now

Once Chrome relaunches, open the new tab page. Now, as soon as you scroll down below the search box, you will find two sections there: Recent bookmarks and Articles for you.

You can either bookmark important pages or just scroll past that section and get the suggested articles for you.

Hopes are high that this is just the beginning with more and more content types to be added over time it reaches the official Chrome app, like Weather, sports scores, calendar alerts, and more.

Unfortunately, these Google Now powered new tab page options are accessible for Android users only. Chrome Dev on the desktop may need to wait more.

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How to get Chrome new tab page powered by Google Now
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How to get Chrome new tab page powered by Google Now
Here is our handy guide on how to get Chrome new tab page powered by Google Now. The update is yet available for Android users only.
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