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Getting started with Google Duo, the new video-calling app

No doubt Apple’s FaceTime is extremely easy to use, yet Google Duo, the new video-calling app is simply incredible. The app is damn simple to use and allows you to reach more people.

Yes, unlike FaceTime, which lets you call only fellow iOS or Mac users, Google Duo recreates FaceTime-like functionality and simplicity meanwhile working across both Android and iOS platform.

The latest App, Duo was first unveiled during Google I/O in the beginning of this year. Allo, yet another messaging app from Google was also announced alongside. While Duo is finally available now, no confirmations are yet received on when Allo will be released.

Google Duo will be available worldwide over the next few days, according to Google.

Now that you know about this new app, why not to get started with it!

Here’s our quick roundup of the new video-calling app, Google Duo:

  1. Just a phone number

Google Duo - verify your phone number

One of the marquee features of Duo is that the app doesn’t needs a Google account for using it. In fact, the app only uses your phone number. When you launch Duo for the first time, it will ask you to enter your phone number. Once entered, Google then sends you a text message containing a code to enter.

Now that you have entered the code and verified your phone number, you are signed in and all set to start using Duo.

  1. Knock Knock!

Google Duo Knock Knock feature

One feature that Google was so interested about when Duo was first announced is called Knock Knock. When you make a call in Duo, it instantly starts streaming video. As a result, the person you are calling sees what you are doing, and vice-versa. Most importantly, you are able to know who is calling, before answering.

The only big caveat here is that Knock Knock only works with contacts saved in your phone. So when a friend calls you with a new number or someone unknown is calling you, Knock Knock won’t work. The same thing happens in case you are calling someone with your number unsaved.

Duo notifies you if other person can see you by showing “your video is visible” at the top of the screen. Given Knock Knock’s functionality and knowing that it can lead to some awkward moments, Google is trying hard to keep you reminded that you can be seen, yet it’s easy to forget that. You can turn Knock Knock on/off in the app’s settings.

Tap on the menu icon in the top-right corner < Settings < Knock Knock

  1. Add or block numbers from calling you

After every call, Duo creates a shortcut of the same to make it easy to start a call with that person in the future. To do so, you can also long-press on a thumbnail to explore more options like Remove from list, Block, Add to contacts, or Start a video call.

  1. Leave it

Unregister phone number in Duo

If you still don’t like Duo after trying it out, you can and you should remove your phone number from the service before you delete the app. To do so,

Tap on the menu icon < Settings < Unregister phone number

Within a minute, Google Duo will display an alert notifying you that your number is no more connected to the service. You are free and feel like Duo never happened!

So this was our quick overview of Google’s new video-calling app Duo. Already tried it? Let us know in comments what you feel about the new app.

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Getting started with Google Duo, the new video-calling app
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Getting started with Google Duo, the new video-calling app
Google just released its awaited video calling app named Google Duo. It works almost like FaceTime, but for both Android and iOS platforms.
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