Quick roundup of the 5 best Android Launchers
Quick roundup of the 5 best Android Launchers

Launchers are medium for Android users to customize their smartphone and tablet experience. Yeah there’s that usual superficial stuff, including changing icons, screen transitions, and fonts the usual launchers do. The best Android launchers available in the market lets users tweak their device’s behavior as per their daily usage as long as you are willing to spend some time customizing them.

A few might feel more like the one already in your device by default, whereas some completely change the way you interact with your homescreen. Make you homescreen a simple or a complicated one as you like, meanwhile tweaking every minute detail or just modifying what’s already available by default. It’s all possible with a single app – Android launchers.

So if you are willing to tweak the experience with some out-of-the-box software on your device, consider our guide of the best Android launchers. We have selected the best five only.

List of the 5 best Android launchers:

  1. Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher

Enjoying the most popularity among all, Google Now Launcher delivers you the custom skinned version of android, with a more vanilla android touch. It comes as a stock launcher on the nexus devices. What makes Google Now Launcher one among the best Android launchers is instant access to Google Now on the homescreen with just a right-swiype.

Google’s launcher comes with various cards which update you with the info regarding your preference, including weather reports, scores of your favorite sports teams, and other trending topics. The launcher, as a whole, provides you seamless user experience and lucid interface.

  1. FlowHome Launcher

FlowHome Launcher

FlowHome is a live launcher, which instead of only icons, shows all elements from the app itself. It lists everything from photos from Facebook or Instagram, tweets and messages from people you follow, latest news from the Feed, in one place.

FlowHome is definitely on top of the best Android launchers for its multi-functionality. It displays notifications of the device at the top of your feed with easily accessible options. It’s absolutely a better option than getting drop-down notifications, given that some apps are used frequently. The launcher is best for a dedicated social media user.

  1. Action Launcher

Action Launcher

This is so far one of the best Android launchers that offer super cool features. Action launcher delivers experience of a vanilla android with a topping of colorful customization. You can change the theme color as per the wallpaper in the background. On top of that, the launcher has a sliding app drawer from the left, on the homescreen.

It’s a fresh approach to the stock android UI and is actually responsive and snappy. The launcher also allows you to customize it with icons of your choice from the Play Store.

  1. Arrow Launcher

Arrow launcher

Simplify your life with Arrow Launcher’s fast user experience. The launcher follows the smart approach and surfaces your most frequently used apps. Given this, all of your favorite apps are displayed on the start page. You can swipe right to reach your most-contacted People. Swiping again takes you to Notes and Reminders, and more.

Last but not the least, yet another and final swipe takes you to Recent, including options like recent photos shot. The top of the last page shows your most recently used five apps. Arrow launcher is among the best Android launchers and supports third-party icon packs as well. It aims at granting you access to your most-used apps quickly and for the record, it does that pretty well.

  1. Yahoo Aviate

Yahoo Aviate

A launcher to refresh the boring app drawer-like user interface of your device, Yahoo Aviate ranks among the best Android launchers of all the time. The launcher comprises of a theme-based UI which changes time to time according to different locations. So enjoy a different UI for your workplace or home. It denotes that with GPS location you configure.

There is option to set every theme with a new set of app shortcuts. It serves you with a unique UI, different than most of the conventional launchers out there. Yahoo Aviate is fun to use and responsive at the same time.

So this was our quick review of the best five Android launchers available in the market. Which one you like the most/ Got more suggestions? Share with us in comments section below.

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Quick roundup of the 5 best Android Launchers
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Quick roundup of the 5 best Android Launchers
Here's the roundup of 5 best Android Launchers that will help you customize the existing boring user interface of your device.
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