How to manually clear out Google Maps cache on iPhone

Google Maps can gorge your iPhone space, especially if you save maps for offline navigation on a regular basis. Thankfully, Google Maps offers users a chance to clear out Google Maps cache using an extremely easy process.

Doing so will clean the Google Maps app specific data and documents, including offline stored maps, app data, all local application cache, and reset cookies within the application.

Here’s how to manually clear out Google Maps cache on iPhone

Here we are detailing the process to empty Google Maps cache on iPhone only, but this process exists in Google Maps app for any iOS device. To clear out Google Maps cache,

      • Open Google Maps app and hit the hamburger menu (three lines) in the upper-left corner
      • Navigate to Settings > About, terms & privacy

Google Maps cache

  • Now select Clear application data


clear Google Maps cache

  • Hit OK to confirm you want to clear out Google Maps application data
  • Exit Settings or just quit Google Maps app

The Google Maps cache and data will be removed from your iPhone, freeing up the huge space taken up by the Google Maps app. If you want to remove a few offline maps from your device, you can do so by navigating to Settings > Offline areas.

iOS users using Google Maps should try this tip to save storage space on their device. Depending on how many Google Maps you have stored, this process can free up several hundred MB of storage space or even more all at once with ease if you are regularly using Google Maps app.

To check out how much free space you will save by cleaning the Google Maps app cache, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings > General
  • Now select Storage & iCloud Usage option under Storage button
  • Tap Manage Storage
  • Now find Google Maps app within the list of all installed iOS applications and hit the icon

Here you can check the size of the Google Maps application along with the size of the additional data that has built-up after the use of the app.

Manually cleaning Google Maps cache is a handy feature that comes installed by default for Google Maps users. Unfortunately, there is no related feature available in the Apple Maps app yet.

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How to manually clear out Google Maps cache on iPhone
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How to manually clear out Google Maps cache on iPhone
Here's our simple guide on how to clear out Google Maps cache manually on iPhone. You can do so in some really easy steps mentioned here.
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